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Improving our school grounds - Tree Planting!

Wow it was cold and snowy on Monday 11th December, but Year 5 braved the weather for us to plant 10 trees in the school grounds thanks to a grant given to us by the Greenwood Project from the Nottinghamshire County Council Conservation Team.  The team supported the children in planting 7 trees on the Key Stage 2 playing field which Mr Price is currently fencing in to make a wildlife area for the children. Other trees have been located on the KS1 field and there are more due in March to compliment the willow area.  The trees will provide much needed shady areas for the children and offer variety amongst the school grounds for the children to play in.  The forest area Mr Price has created by the chickens will be launched after Christmas, but the children have already been making all kinds of things for it such as animal homes and signs.  The beautiful sign in the picture below was made by Stanley in Year 5.  Thank you Stanley.  Looking forward to seeing the children enjoy these areas as the warmer weather comes.  Look out for the tree planting pictures in the Chad.