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Year 1 and 2 - Pumas

Welcome to the Puma Class

Hello and welcome to our webpage.  Puma Class is a mixed year 1 and year 2 class with 34 children.  

Our teachers are Mrs Heathcote and Mrs Edwards.  We are supported by Miss Radford and Ms Cargill who are our Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Heathcote works Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Edwards teaches us on a Thursday and Friday.  



Our topics for this term are -

Brilliant bodies

In this topic, we will identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and the functions of these body parts! We will find out about the 5 senses and which part of the body each one of these senses is associated with.


Animal Allsorts

In this topic we will find out about different types of animals that exist in our world and what makes them so special. We will find out how to categorise these animals and to think about where each type of animal might be found.

Sports Week 2019


This week is sports week and we have lots of exciting things planned!

On Tuesday we took part in the Daily Mile and kept a tally of how many laps of the whole school playground we could do as a class. 181! What an amazing job Puma class!
We have been learning different skipping skills. We love the can-can best, but it is very tricky! The children showed great determination to master some new skills.
On Wednesday we took part in a Circus Skills workshop. It was great fun and we all learned something new!

Have a look at Puma Class with Alex who taught us some circus skills!

Going on a reading journey? Great ideas of books for your children to enjoy!

Look at the fun we had in Book Week!

We all had a fantastic time during our workshop with visiting author Gareth Baker. He told us all about the books he has written and gave us some top tips for how to be a successful writer. With Gareth's help we were able to use some magic words to get our campfire burning and settled down for a cosy story! Gareth asked a few of us to choose some characters and objects and then created a unique story based around our choices. We thoroughly enjoyed our storytime and are all inspired to become writers when we grow up now!

First Aid Workshop


This week we took part in a First Aid workshop run by St Johns Ambulance. We learnt about how to respond to someone we might find who is poorly or had an accident. We did some drama, practising what we would do if we needed to call for an ambulance. Finally we had great fun learning how to apply different types of bandages to the teachers!

Rocksteady Music Workshop


Today the children took part in a music workshop run by Rocksteady. We learnt about the different instruments that make up a rock band and got to have a go at performing songs as a class. It was great fun and we got to sing some of our favourite songs!

Celebrating Chinese New Year

Art Week January 2019

During art week the children learnt about the American artist Winslow Homer and the sea scape paintings he produced. We did sketching work, focusing of the shapes of the boats with in his paintings before we tried to reproduce one of his water colour images. The children worked really hard to layer colours to match Winslow Homers paintings.

Our Key Stage One Christmas Workshop - Friday 14th December 2018


We loved our Christmas workshop last Friday.  We learned about Christingle, what it represents and why we celebrate it.  We made a Christingle using an orange, dried fruit, sweets and a candle to represent the different parts.  We also learned about the birth of baby Jesus and retold the story through role-play as well as singing songs.  Then we made some decorations and crackers to take home for our families.

Key Stage One Christmas Workshop - December 2018

The STARS of Lights, Camel, Action!

Children in Need Day - Friday 16th November 2018


We had a great day raising money for Children in Need.  We dressed up in spots or our Pudsey outfits.  We made a class Pudsey Bear, enjoyed our cakes and took part in a raffle to win mini Pudseys!

Children in Need - 16.11.18

Anti-Bullying Day


Today we came to school dressed however we wanted as part of this years theme of Show Respect. During our class council meeting we looked at videos which covered this theme and we talked about ways we can show respect to others. We thought about how we were all different in lots of different ways, but no one was any better/worse than each other - we are all equals. We enjoyed watching Jordan Pickford, England Goalkeepers' Video on News round titled 'Be a Buddy, Not a Bully'. He talked about what bullying is and the effect it can have on others. We finished by making sure we were all really clear about what bullying is and the difference between bullying and isolated incidents of unkindness. Such a kind, thoughtful day Pumas. WELL DONE.

Remembering World War 1 - Week beginning 5th November 2018


This week we have been learning about World War 1.  We have been watching film clips, looking at a range of artefacts and creating poppies to remember those soldiers and all the people who died and were affected by the war.  We created poppy pictures and thought about what we would like in our care package if we were a soldier in the trenches.  In PE we took part in a special bootcamp and had to be soldiers, undertaking rigorous training.  In addition, Miss Radford arranged for Key Stage 1 to walk to the New Cross Church where we took part in a special service to remember the war.  Meghan Wilson, William Barnett and Ella Le Nguyen laid a wreath at the war monument and we had 2 minutes silence.  

Restart the Heart

Science Day


We had a brilliant time carrying out different experiments on our science day.  We created lava lamps, made rainbow colours with Skittles and investigated fizzy colours!

London's Burning

Our topic this half term is the Great Fire of London.  We are learning about what happened during 1666, the time of the Great Fire and also how London changed as a result.  We baked bread and had a 'drama day' where we revisited the time of the fire.  

The Great Fire of London

We acted out the events from the Great Fire, from Thomas Farriner finding the fire in his bakery to the people of London escaping in their hundreds across the River Thames.  We pretended to put the fires out using buckets just like the people of London did in 1666.  It was tiring work!

Important Information


Our P.E. days are Monday and Thursday.  Please keep your PE kit in school for the half term, we will send it home on the last day of the half term for washing.  


Praise Assembly

Our Praise Assembly is every Friday at 10.30am.  If your child has been chosen to be in Praise Assembly, you will receive an invitation to come and watch from Ms Stafford.


Please ensure you are lined up and ready to come into school at 8.50am.  


What can you do to help?


  • Come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns.
  • Read to your child and with them.  Reading is a key skill in Year 2 and helps children to become successful, independent learners.  Listening to your child read at least 4 times a week at home will ensure continued progress.
  • Use the Oxford Owls site to help your child with their reading.
  • Come in and help - we love to welcome parents to help with reading, baking, sewing etc.


Web links to support your learning

Have a browse around these websites - they are great for supporting the learning you do in school.  Please speak to your teacher if you need any passwords or have any problems logging on.