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School Uniform

School Uniform

School Uniform


  • To encourage children to take a pride in their appearance.
  • To create and maintain a sense of identity for the school.
  • For children to wear clothing that is good value for money.
  • For children to wear clothing that is suitable for a days work at school.
  • To eliminate competition over fashion sportswear thus providing equality for all children.
  • To eliminate conflict between parents and their children over what is worn for school.
  • To ensure that school clothing is in line with health and safety regulations.


School uniform may be purchased from our dedicated supplier, School Trends.  Please visit their website to order your uniform which will be delivered directly to your door.  

Click here for School Trends



Royal blue sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper.

Grey/black, plain trousers or knee length loose skirt/pinafore.

White/blue polo shirt to be worn under sweatshirt, cardigan or jumper

Plain dark coloured tights.


For Warmer Weather:

Smart grey/black plain tailored shorts (no Bermuda, cycling or sports shorts).

White/blue polo shirt.

Blue gingham or striped summer dress.



Plain black leather-type shoes or boots with no heels.

No canvas shoes or no trainers of any type.  

Sturdy strapped sandals with toes covered in black, navy or white. Children do not need to wear socks with their sandals but please adhere to sensible choices.



Each child will need a Dalestorth bookbag to carry their reading books, diaries and homework books (KS2) to and from school each day.

You can order Dalestorth bookbags from School Trends -                               

Each bookbag can have one keyring attached if necessary but no more.

Rucksacks or other bags will not be allowed in school.


We do not allow any Fortnite or Prime merchandise (hats, rucksacks, bags, lunchboxes etc.) in school.



We do not allow any jewellery in school.  Children may only wear studs if their ears are pierced and a sensible watch. No jewellery should be worn for PE or swimming.

Make up/inappropriate hair styling such as dying/shaving are not part of our school uniform and will be challenged.



Long hair should be tied back for all activities at school.


PE Kit

Please send your child in their PE kit on the days they have PE.

Please ensure everything is labelled with your child's name. We do not allow branded sportswear with stripes or large logos.  Please see the suitable example:

Suitable PE kit link - click here


Plain white t-shirt

Plain black/navy blue tracksuit top and trousers/shorts/leggings with no logos

No skorts as these could get caught on apparatus

Trainers– Velcro for FS2 to year 2


We would appreciate your support with this as we try and maintain a high level of pride in everything we do.


Sandal Examples