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School Uniform

School Uniform

School Uniform


  • To encourage children to take a pride in their appearance.
  • To create and maintain a sense of identity for the school.
  • For children to wear clothing that is good value for money.
  • For children to wear clothing that is suitable for a days work at school.
  • To eliminate competition over fashion sportswear thus providing equality for all children.
  • To eliminate conflict between parents and their children over what is worn for school.
  • To ensure that school clothing is in line with health and safety regulations.


The Uniform

Royal Blue sweatshirt, Cardigan or Jumper preferably with school logo.

Dark/plain-coloured trousers or skirt/pinafore. Grey or black. 

No tracksuit/jogging bottoms

White/blue polo shirt may be worn under sweatshirt.

Plain socks please - Black, grey, navy, white


For warmer weather

Smart dark coloured tailored shorts/skirt- grey or black (no Bermuda, cycling or sports shorts)

White or blue polo shirt

Blue gingham or striped sun dress.



Black leather style shoes (Trainers may be brought to change into for play times.)

Boots/wellingtons may be worn in winter - no heels.

Sandals may be worn in warm weather, but they must be flat soles, sturdy enough to support ankles and strapped on securely - no flip flops.  (Please refer to the attached document below for sensible examples)  Plain colours please - Black, Navy, White. Children do not need to wear socks with their sandals but please adhere to sensible choices and remember toes can be stood on.

No heels on any shoes/boots.




All children in FS2 and KS1 will need a Dalestorth book bag to keep their school reading book and diary in. One keyring may be attached.


We do not allow any Fortnite merchandise (hats, rucksacks, bags, lunchboxes etc.) in school.


PE, Games, Swimming

For PE the children require a change of clothing.  It is not considered healthy or hygienic for pupils to undertake physical activity in the same clothing that they wear for general school work.



Plain White T-shirt/top and plain black/blue shorts.

Footwear:      Plimsolls or bare feet.

No skorts as these could get caught on apparatus.


Outdoor Games

Black/navy blue tracksuit top and trousers with no logos/stripes.

A plain-white t shirt.

Footwear: Trainers - preferably velcro trainers for years FS2 to Year 2


A drawstring bag/rucksack to keep kit in helps to prevent loss. Please ensure everything is labelled with the child's name.



Children swim in key stage 2. They will need suitable swimming trunks for boys and a one-piece swimming costume for girls, together with a towel and bag. We follow Notts County Council health and safety guidelines during school swimming lessons which specifies that girls are not permitted to wear two-piece costumes and that boys are not allowed to wear swimshorts / beachwear. More details will be given when needed.


Specific safety considerations


Long hair should be tied back for all activities at school.  This is important as regards hygiene, restricting the spread of 'little visitors.'


Inappropriate hair styling and make-up are not part of our school uniform and will be challenged.



We dissuade children from wearing jewellery. If earrings are worn, they must be the simple stud type only.  No other jewellery should be worn with the exception of a sensible watch. All jewellery has to be removed for swimming and physical activities.


Name labels

All clothing, particularly royal blue tops should be labelled clearly with the child’s name.  It is a parent's responsibility to ensure all items of clothing are named.  Without this, it is extremely difficult for staff to return any misplaced clothing to the correct child.


School uniform is now available to buy online from School Trends:


  • Sweatshirts
  • Cardigans
  • Blue polo shirts
  • Reading folders


  • PE Rucksack style bags - £8.00 (these are available from the school office)




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