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Rewards at Dalestorth

Good behaviour is recognised in many ways in Dalestorth – in praise assembly, with dojos, with stickers and whole class treats. On a daily basis, the children will “earn” dojos. These might be given for demonstrating one of our 5 values – be kind, be honest, be you, be brave and be a friend or for following the class rules, which each class have decided upon together. If a child does not make a positive choice about their behaviour they will be awarded a negative dojo. The children will aim to earn at least 10 dojos over the week so that they can enjoy “privilege time” on a Friday afternoon. If a child doesn’t earn 10 dojos over the week they will miss part of that time or they may miss a playtime. The lunchtime staff will also use the dojo system for behaviour. 


As part of Class Dojo, all parents are invited to connect with their class teacher. This way they can clearly see the progress of the child; both positively and negatively. Class Dojo is an excellent resource for building up communication, support and consistency in behaviour both at school and at home.


To access Class Dojo, please visit: or speak to your class teacher for more information.


Praise Assembly:

A child from each class will be nominated for one of the School Values: Be Kind, Be Brave, Be You, Be a Good Friend, Be Honest. These children are congratulated by the whole school and earn a values badge, time on the trim trail and a special mention in the school newsletter.


Values and Manners:

At Dalestorth, we expect our children to always behave exceptionally well. Showing the values embedded within the school and acting in a polite, respectful and sensible way. We always encourage the use of our values in the teaching and expect the children to demonstrate good use of manners and values in all aspects of school life.



Tidy Tiggy

Tidy Tiggy is awarded to the tidiest class by our cleaning team.  Whichever class is awarded Tiggy the most will get a treat at the end of the year.


We have a full behaviour policy which you can access on our 'policies page' and this is always explained at our class 'Welcome Meetings' at the beginning of every year. Children's behaviour is consistently monitored through our policy and Class Dojo and we pride ourselves in saying children at Dalestorth behave beautifully.