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Rewards at Dalestorth

For demonstrating good behaviour and taking responsibility at school, pupils are rewarded in a variety of formal and informal ways: Verbal praise, stickers, ‘Wows’ etc. ‘Privilege Time’ is planned into the school timetable on Friday afternoons to reward ongoing good work and behaviour. Good behaviour is formally recognised at the weekly Praise Assembly where the children receive praise for their efforts in front of the whole school.

Periods of sustained good behaviour are rewarded with extra special treats when the teacher sees fit.  In addition to individual behaviour, all classes have a team/class behaviour reward system to encourage the class to work together and be proud of one another.


Praise Tree:

A child from each class will be nominated to go on the Praise Tree in our Weekly Praise Assembly and will bring home a special certificate and badge to share with you.  The school council runs the Praise Assembly.  Your child will be mentioned in the weekly newsletter.


High 5 Manners & Values:

There will also be rewards for High 5 Manners and Values.  In the weekly Praise Assembly, your child  may be nominated for High 5 Manners/Values.  Their name will be added to the High 5 Manners display board and they will receive a badge in addition to being mentioned in the weekly newsletter.



To reward children who attend school regularly we have weekly, half-termly/termly and annual rewards..


Weekly Class Competition – Every week, classes have a chance to win a class attendance award for either being the best performing class or having 100% attendance. They will be given the class attendance trophy for that week and it allows them to choose from a variety of treats such as below:

  • Biscuits/special drink at privilege time

  • Games/free time in the computer suite

  • Extra Playtime

  • Music in class

  • Board games/games session

  • Extra sport/PE

  • Movie afternoon


    Half Termly/Termly Awards – Children with 100% attendance each half term/term will be awarded a special sticker and get to choose from a range of vouchers enabling them to choose a treat…


  • Lego at lunch (day pass)

  • Chair in assembly for a week

  • Computers at lunch (day pass)

  • Early Lunch/1st for a week with a chosen partner

  • No homework weekly pass

  • Non-School Uniform for a day

  • Free entry to a Dalestorth Disco


    Annual Awards – Children with 100% attendance for the year will receive a special certificate and Dalestorth Pen. They will have a free trip out somewhere and have their family name entered into a prize draw to win a treat.

Tidy Tiggy

Tidy Tiggy is awarded to the tidiest class by our cleaning team.  Whichever class is awarded Tiggy the most will get a treat at the end of the year.

Thoughtful Theo

Thoughtful Theo is awarded to a pupil or staff member that has gone out of their way to do something for someone else. 


We have a full behaviour policy which you can access on our 'policies page' and this is always explained at our class 'Welcome Meetings' at the beginning of every year. Children's behaviour is consistently monitored through our policy and class behaviour books and we pride ourselves in saying children at Dalestorth behave beautifully. The class with the best behaviour receive a trophy and reward every half term.