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School Rules

Our School Rules

Our school rules are simple and easy to understand. They focus on behaviour in class, around school and in the playground. Our rules were formed in consultation with the children and the school council.

What the school rules mean and how they can be put into practice forms a natural part of our teacher/pupil interchange. Examples of good behaviour and social responsibility are demonstrated and discussed at an age appropriate level in school assemblies, year group meetings and in class.  For  more detailed information surrounding behaviour, please read our Behaviour Policy which can be found in the section Key Information - Policies.


Classroom & In School Rules:

· Always walk in and around school

· Keep loud voices for outside

· Take turns to learn and share

· Leave toys and jewellery at home

· Always ask permission to leave the classroom


Keep Classrooms a happy place to work in..

· Remember your manners, say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me.’

· Be friendly, cooperative and care for each other

· Be polite to visitors

· Do as you are asked straight away

· Always concentrate on the task you are doing so others can do the same.


Work Together To Respect Our School..

· Help each other to tidy up after lessons

· Take care of all books and equipment

· Take care of the school building and furniture


Behaviour Rules For The Playground:

· Keep harmful hands, feet, objects and comments to yourself.

· Play sensible games that everyone can enjoy in the yard where you are supposed to be. Always     avoid kicking, picking other children up and play fighting.

· Respect other people, their belongings, school equipment and the grounds.

· Always walk when moving into, out of and around school.

· Always do as you are asked by all staff in school straight away.

· Follow the instructions carefully for use of the Trim Trails, sports games and play equipment.


We promote excellent manners as a part of our behaviour and school rules...


High 5 Manners, Promoting British Values:

1. Hold doors open for people and wait your turn.

2. If someone gives you something, look them in the eye, smile and say “Thank you”.

3. Say “Please” if you would like something.

4. If someone is speaking, look at them, wait until they have finished speaking or say “excuse          me” if you desperately need to interrupt.

5. Use kind words and a quiet, friendly voice.