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History Curriculum


At Dalestorth Primary School, we follow a 2 year rolling curriculum plan. Each year we cover three topics, one per term. This enables us to explore topics thoroughly, and spend time embedding our learning.

History Intent


At Dalestorth Primary and Nursery School, we teach History by meeting the requirements of the national curriculum. Our aim is to give children the foundations for a deep understanding the history of the world. We will achieve high-quality learning by teaching History through a clear sequence of lessons which are designed to help pupils develop this understanding of the past. History is taught progressively throughout school, ensuring a build up of knowledge and skills. Pupils should become historical detectives and explore the past in an exciting and interactive way. They should develop knowledge through asking as well as responding to historical questions.

We aim to achieve this by:

  • Studying the chronology of historical events within each topic area and as a whole
  • Providing the children with the historical vocabulary to use within the context of each lesson.
  • Ensuring that we are building into lessons the skills of empathy and an understanding of people from the past
  • Developing both the group and independent research skills of pupils.


History Progression Overview

History Club