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We have recently updated our whole school curriculum planning. Though we still follow a 2 year rolling curriculum plan, we have altered it so that each year we cover three topics, rather than one per half term. This is enabling us to explore topics thoroughly, and spend time embedding our learning. To see our new topic overviews, including the History topics we will be doing, follow the link:

We encourage pupils to become historical detectives and explore the past in an exciting and interactive way. In our lessons, we teach the key skills of history, including: chronology of historical events, asking as well as responding to historical questions, building empathy and understanding of people from the past and developing research skills.

Children take part in a variety of activities in history, including handling artefacts and studying photographs, role-play, placing events on timelines and taking part in many historical visits and workshops.







History Day

In November, we took part in an afternoon focused on History. In Year 3 and 4, we studied the Aztecs. We enjoyed making Aztec masks. Look at the photographs below!


History Club