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Head Teacher's Welcome

Welcome to Dalestorth Primary and Nursery School.


It is an absolute pleasure to be working with the school 3 days per week building on the excellent work done last year. The staff have done an amazing job over the past 12 months, ensuring that the needs of every child have been met in very difficult circumstances for all. The school continues to excel at putting the needs of every child first and getting to know them as individuals.


I am currently also head teacher of a junior school between Derby and Nottingham and have worked there successfully for six years. I will be at Dalestorth from Wednesday to Friday each week. Mrs Claxton and Mrs Curran are in charge of the school on Mondays and Tuesdays. I cannot thank them enough for the support and kindness they have shown since I started working here last summer.


I am with the Dalestorth team for a year initially. Our work this year has focused on providing an excellent and safe education for every child even in the current pandemic situation. Our other key focuses have been on broadening the already excellent curriculum the staff have devised and tweaking the way we teach over time which enables the children to remember and understand a wider body of knowledge. I am pleased to say that the quality of work in school is matching the excellent quality we have also seen online through the recent period of remote learning.


Our website aims to give an insight into life at our school and we hope you will find it useful. The school is a busy, happy place where the successes of children are celebrated. We have high expectations of our pupils and high hopes for their futures. They are well behaved and like to engage in the many opportunities on offer. With such a positive attitude and great behaviour, their achievements are numerous and potential for lifelong learning, excellent.


Our website is no substitute for seeing the school in action and we encourage you to come and visit and see our school for yourself; you would be most welcome.  If you have any queries relating to the school, or require a paper copy of any information published on this website, please do not hesitate to contact me, our Assistant Head Teachers Mrs Claxton and Mrs Curran or our office team.


Craig Robertson

Executive Head Teacher