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Head Teacher's Welcome

Flying the flag for Dalestorth - Ms Sally Stafford- Head Teacher

Flying the flag for Dalestorth - Ms Sally Stafford- Head Teacher 1 Photo by Mrs Claxton

I am absolutely delighted to be welcoming to you to our website.  I have been Head Teacher of Dalestorth Primary School since September 2014, but  the time has flown. Having been at the school since 2006, I am very familiar with it, taking a lead role in both its past and current success, but I want more!   I am absolutely committed to the school and will stop at nothing to achieve the very best for your children.


There are a wealth of opportunities to explore and develop here, both in continuing to build good practise in improving standards and engaging all of you in the wonders of learning.  There will always be exciting and busy times ahead here-plenty to look forward to.  The above photograph was taken on an extremely wet day when Dalestorth went to welcome the Olympic Torch in 2012, but it's a real favourite memory of mine as it just sums up what our school is about - get involved in everything you can, have fun, experience history and live in the moment!


Hopefully, you can see I have energy, sparkle and enthusiasm and alongside our forward looking and motivated board of staff and governors, I will be proud to lead this school to further success.


As you’re the most important person in your child’s life, it’s really important that we work together to support each other in making sure your child gets the best education possible.


It is important that we work together to make sure OUR school serves the needs of OUR community and OUR young people and I hope that as many of you will get involved in the life of the school as much possible. Only by working together can we make sure your sons and daughters enjoy school and develop the skills and knowledge they need to build successful, happy lives.


I look forward to a happy and productive relationship with the whole school community over the coming years and I’m confident that we will work together well to provide the best educational opportunities possible for the children at Dalestorth Primary and Nursery School.