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The school’s last OFSTED inspection was in September 2007.


The inspectors reported that:-

Dalestorth Primary is an outstanding school that provides its pupils with an excellent education inside a calm, safe haven. School has successfully cultivated a 'can do' culture where pupils are encouraged to 'buy into the dream' of success and realise their full potential. All staff and governors share this vision, drive and determination to succeed. Leadership and management were outstanding and there is a strong commitment to provide children with the best education possible. Parents' views of the school are overwhelmingly positive. Relationships with parents are a significant strength of the school. One parent wrote, 'I have an excellent rapport with teachers and cannot praise highly enough their dedication and integrity.'


The school gives a high priority to developing pupils' self-confidence and self-esteem in a secure, friendly, happy environment. Consequently, pupils do well in their work, thrive and grow up as confident young people who make sensible choices about living healthy and active lives. Pupils say they enjoy school because 'everything is fun'. As a result of outstanding teaching, pupils make excellent progress throughout the school. Standards have risen significantly in recent years and are now well above average overall by the end of Year 6.

Please find below our most recent Ofsted reports...


It has been a long while since our last Ofsted Inspection.


This is due to the fact that school has maintained superb academic standards, behaviour and attendance since the last inspection and consequently we are as yet to be re-inspected. School was subjected to an ‘Interim Ofsted inspection’ in 2011 where data demonstrating high achievement did not warrant a full inspection and we have also had an LA quality Assurance Visit in 2014 which was equally extremely successful. As we have not been re-inspected, it is important to not get complacent.  As a result we had a Health Check carried out by the Candleby Lane Flying High Trust of which we are members of the Teaching Alliance in 2017.  Findings from the Health Check have been implemented into our school Improvement and Development Plans and we continue to strive to be better.