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Below you will find our weekly Home Learning Projects which will provide you with a range of learning activities for the week ahead.


Don't forget to upload the highlighted task onto Seesaw for us all to see as well as completing this week's 2Dos on Purple Mash smiley


We can't wait to hear from you!

Love The KS1 Team x

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Here's our Home Learning Project for this week along with the White Rose maths activities. Don't forget to check out the daily phonics lessons using this link too!

We are looking forward to seeing what you all get up to.

Have a great week!

W.b 11th May 2020

Here is the learning pack for this week. The Whiterose Maths worksheets are no longer free for parents to download from their website, but we have a school subscription, so we have added them below. There is also an adjective and common exception word mat that might be useful this week.

Look forward to seeing all your exciting work on Seesaw this week.

Take care and have a good week.

Seesaw Support 

We are using Seesaw, which is a secure online digital learning platform, to accompany our new home learning projects which will be available each Monday. 


Below are video guides to show you: how to set up an account; how to upload work to Seesaw and how to comment on a child's piece of work. There is also a written guide below. 

How to set up a Seesaw account

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How to upload work to Seesaw

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How to comment on a child's piece of work

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To all the children in Pumas Class, Panthers Class and Bobcats class


The residents and the staff at The Byars Nursing Home would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for the fabulous cards that you made and sent to us. Everyone enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures that you have drawn and reading your messages. They really made our ladies and gentlemen smile and helped to brighten up their day! 😊


With love and best wishes


From all of the residents and the care team at The Byars xxx

Welcome to Panther Class 2019-20

Web links to support learning

Hello everyone, we hope you are all ok. Here are some websites that you can try out at home. We will change these weekly so you have lots of different things to do.

For the week beginning 30.3.20
For the week beginning 23.3.20

Hello everyone, welcome to our Panther page.

We are one of three classes in Key Stage 1. In our class there are 30 Year 2 children

Here you can see what we've been doing and find out about what we're learning.




Mrs Claxton                   and           Miss Radford teach our class.


    Mrs Wilson                     ,                 Ms Cargill           and                    Mrs King          help us too.

Our latest newsletter

Our topic:

Our topic for this term is called ‘How Can We Protect The World’s Animals?’

This is primarily a geography-based topic, linked with learning about animals in science.

Sport Relief 2020

For Sport Relief we came to school dressed in our sports clothes and ran the Sport Relief Mile. We had great fun skipping, hopping, star jumping and 'conga-ing' the distance around the playground. We raised lots of money for Sport Relief whilst having great fun!

Vocabulary dress up day!

What a fabulous turn out! Each year, you astound us with your creativity! There was a super range of words including  swashbuckler, reflective, significant to mention just a few with matching costumes. Thank you so much for all your efforts. 

A visit from Paul Cookson

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Paul Cookson perform some of his favourite poems for us this morning. They were so silly! We joined in with the words and actions, and then Paul helped us to make up our own poem about the disgusting "Hall Floor After Lunch" during our class workshop. We were so inspired by our visit from Paul, we then went back to the classroom and wrote our own disgusting poems. We loved being allowed to use really silly words and wrote some great poems about battered butterscotch tart and squishy sweetcorn!

Time Tables Rock Star Day

We rocked out to launch our new maths initiative! 

We had a fantastic day learning how to log on, choosing our rock star name, earning coins and spending some of our earnings in the shop! Look at our Rock Star outfits!


In Panthers, we can play either Numbots or Times Tables Rock Stars.

NumBots is an online game which is designed to significantly improve children’s recall and understanding of number bonds and addition and subtraction facts.


Times Tables Rock Stars  is a fun and challenging programme designed to help students master the times tables!


A visit from some worms!

Lydia from Nottinghamshire County Council bought in some worms to show us how important they are for making compost. She talked to us about how they move, have babies and turn food waste into compost. We loved looking at the wriggly worms with the magnifying glasses! 


A visit from the PDSA

We have loved our visit by Shauna from the PDSA. We enjoyed learning about how to look after our pets and what they need to keep them healthy and happy.

Celebrating Christmas like a Victorian at Newstead Abbey

We visited Newstead Abbey dressed as Victorian children. We played parlour games with the master of the house, made sugar mice with the cook, made spice bags and enjoyed a magic lantern show. We had a fabulous day learning about Christmas was celebrated in the past.

Come and look at all the fun we had at our KS1 Christmas party!

I'm Gonna Shine! - our Christmas production

Dasher and Dancer visit Dalestorth

How surprised we were to find Dasher and Dancer, two of Santa's reindeers in the playground!Elves Dan and David told us all about how Santa's sleigh works and how Santa helps them fly. We learnt all about their antlers, what they like to eat and that all Santa's reindeers birthdays are in May! 

Learning about Life in Victorian Schools for History afternoon

For History afternoon, we had a great time learning all about the Victorians. We sketched Queen Victoria, practised our Victorian handwriting with chalk on black paper and made our own thaumatropes.


For Children-in-Need we came dressed in our Pudsey gear. We raised over £900 from our cake sale, non-uniform day and the raffle. We decorated school with the Pudsey bunting we had made, it looked fabulous! What a great day!

A trip to Sutton Library

We loved our trip to Sutton Library. We walked all the way there. When we arrived there we loved hunting through the books to find books by our favourite authors. We used our library card to borrow some books and the librarian read us some “Horrid Henry” by Francesca Simon. It was a super book-filled afternoon!

Super science

On science afternoon we had so much fun! We made potions, made a tornado in a glass, poked holes in water bags, made elephant’s toothpaste and made rainbow wine.