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Ideas to support home learning WC 20/07/2020


We’ve made it to the last week! We are all so very proud of you. Thank you for being in the Foundation Stage, you have been an absolute pleasure to teach & have made our lives so much easier!


Attached you will see a document called RR - it is the Rainbow Games Results! I hope your team did well!

Enjoy this weeks’ activities & have the most fabulous summer – you really deserve it. Most importantly, have fun, make some special memories and keep safe!


Last shout outs on Sunday & I promise to not cry!


The Foundation Stage Team xxxxx

Ideas to support home learning WC 13/07/2020


You are doing amazingly well and we hope you really enjoyed the sporting activities from last week. Unfortunately it’s the closest any of us are going to get to a Sports Day this year! I am so excited about this learning pack I have been wanting to do an Under the Sea theme for weeks – it reminds me of summer! Well done for all the Tapestry uploads, you’ve certainly been busy & we have loved seeing what you have been up too. Just to reiterate there are lots of ideas on here, please don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete all the activities.


Finally, the summer reading challenge is going ahead this year, in a digital format. Attached is some information about it.


Missing you all.
The Foundation stage Team 😊

Ideas to support home learning WC 06/07/2020


You have done yourself proud on Tapestry this week, we have loved seeing what you have been up too. Remember these are only ideas, please don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete all the activities. You have done brilliantly be kind to yourselves and celebrate how far you have come. Have fun with your family: read, make stories up and act it out, watch a film together, listen to some music, make up a dance, learn a new family game (we’ve just discovered Rings on your fingers - a very old game from my childhood!), create a piece of art, learn a magic trick, prepare your own breakfast or lunch – smile & have fun!


This week there will be no daily challenges from the FS Team as we would like you to get involved with the daily Rainbow Games challenges. There will be a daily video to help with the activity of the day! If you take a look on Tapestry you can see which colour team your child is in and pop your scores under the video of the day so that we can keep a FS total!


Have a great week! Mrs Butler & the Foundation Stage Team 😊

Ideas to support home learning WC 29/06/2020


Hello! Thank you for your continued support and well wishes this week they have been lovely to read. You have been so busy on Tapestry we have loved seeing what you have been up to.


This has to be a particular favourite of mine when it comes to home learning. I get to teach whilst trying lots of new and exciting foods! Let me know what you think of the cakes with vegetables, my children still don’t know that I add beetroot to my chocolate cake – so make sure that you don’t tell them! You have been doing a wonderful job and it has been so nice for us to join in with the learning that is happening at home. We have really enjoyed it. Remember be kind to yourself, let our little ones take the lead if it’s not working stop and come back to it when they are ready. Have a great week!


Love The Foundation Stage Team xxx

Ideas to support home learning WC 22/06/20


Hi everyone!


We hope we find you well and in good spirits. It’s been wonderful to have some of the Lions & Tigers return to school and be able to see them – even if it is from a distance. In many ways it makes us miss you all even more!


You are doing wonderfully – this week you have been so busy on Tapestry we have loved seeing what you have been up too – I didn’t realise we had such a talented group of performers. Remember there are lots of ideas on here, please don’t worry if you don’t manage to complete all the activities. You have embraced loads of ways to learn so remember to be kind to yourselves and to mostly have fun with your family: read, make stories up and act it out, watch a film together, listen to some music, make up a dance, learn a new family game (we’ve just discovered Jenga!), create a piece of art, learn a magic trick, prepare your own breakfast or lunch – smile & have fun! Don’t forget to check the challenges on tapestry too – We have loved seeing what you have been up too.


The Foundation Stage Team x 😊

Ideas to support home learning 15/06/2020


We hope we continue to find you in good spirits! What a miserable week of weather we have had, I hope you have popped on your wellies, grabbed your raincoat and gone jumping in the puddles. We did, this week and it was the best belly laugh we have had in a long term!


Our theme for this week is Music, so I need you to find your inner rock star, like we did on TT Rock Stars day earlier this year! I really am looking forward to the performances and homemade musical instruments – you know I love it! Who can make a song up? Who can get there whole family to perform with them?!


We will be following the same learning in school as at home, so can all have some fun. Just be grateful you’ve not got to watch Mrs Butler pretending she’s a pop star making songs up and creating dance routines!


Stay safe.


The Foundation Stage Team xxx

Ideas to support home learning WC 08/06/2020




We hope you continue to be healthy & well. What a mixed week of weather we have had this week - we hope that you have had opportunity to enjoy some of the brighter weather and are ready for the wetter weather forecast this weekend. Attached is the learning pack for next week which we will also be following in school, it looks really good fun and we look forward to seeing what you guys get up to with your uploads on Tapestry. Don't forget the 2do's on Purple Mash as well.


Missing you all so much.


The Foundation Stage Team xxx

Ideas to support home learning WC 01/06/2020


We hope you continue to be fit and well, have had a wonderful rest over half term and been enjoying this beautiful weather. We are missing you lots. You many notice a slightly different format to the learning packs, with different activities identified for each day.


There is still the pink activity, which would be great if you could all complete and upload to Tapestry and I will set the new 2do’s on Purple Mash, which will go live on Monday.


We are all excited to see what you get up too over the coming week. Hope you enjoy the activities. Let’s see how many uploads we can get!



The Foundation Stage Team x

Ideas for home learning WC 18/05/2020




I hope you all continue to be healthy, safe and well. We are missing you so much & can see how hard you and your families are working. You are all doing BRILLIANTLY & as I keep saying we are so PROUD of your effort. I appreciate it’s a stressful time so make sure you take time for the 3C’s, as we like to say in the Butler household cuddles, cake and a cuppa!


Hope you enjoy this week’s learning and the challenges set.


Much love,


The Foundation Stage Team xxx

Ideas for Home Learning WC 11/05/2020


Hello! I hope you are all fit and well. We continue to be amazed by what you are doing at home. We are all so very proud of your mammoth effort. We miss you all so very much and cannot wait to be back in our Foundation Stage, hearing about your adventures and all the things that you have learnt from your family - I bet you never realised how very clever they all are!


We know some of you are feeling a little fed up, but we also know how strong you are and that you can keep this up for as long as we need to for us to be safe.


This week we had over 150 uploads which is fantastic considering that it was a 4 day week and we can see how busy you have been preparing for your VE day celebrations.


We really are looking forward to seeing you all.


Much love,


The Foundation Stage Team xxx

Ideas for Home Learning WC 04/05/2020


I hope this note continues to find you and your families well during these difficult times for us all. Thank you for your continued support and kind words over the past few weeks. You are ALL doing a brilliant job looking after and educating your child / children during this surreal time – so thank you for being great, supportive families and (though you may not have directly signed up for it) inspiring and thought provoking educators. We have been astounded by what you have all been up to and the way you have taken on board our suggestions for learning. Tapestry has been working overtime with nearly 250 uploads this week –we are all so very proud of you and miss you dearly!


Keep safe and healthy.


The Foundation Stage Team x

Ideas for Home Learning WC 27/04/2020


As we head into our fifth week in lockdown, many of us are feeling the emotional strain of both social distancing & change in our normal routines.

The world is not as it was, and that can be difficult to cope with at times. It’s no wonder that we can feel a range of emotions and be up one minute and down the next.


During this next week, we ask you to be KIND to yourself. We mean it sincerely when we say you are ALL doing an amazing job supporting your little ones. This week alone you made nearly 200 uploads of all the fabulous things you have been doing.


The activities in the Learning Projects are only suggestions, be guided by your child. Please don’t put yourselves & family under any unnecessary stress.


We all miss you so much & are so proud of what you guys have been doing.


Keep safe & healthy.


Mrs Butler, Mrs Turner, Mrs Redfern

Ideas for Home Learning - WC 20/02/2020



We hope this letter finds you and your families well during these difficult times for us all. Thank you for your support and kind words over the past few weeks on Tapestry - it really has meant a lot.


Going forward, available each Monday, we have produced a new home learning project. These have weekly Maths, Reading, Phonics and Writing Tasks, some weekly Learning Project activities, extra online resources (this week there is a link to the Make a mug – make a difference competition which Royal Crown Derby are running!) and a fun activity. We have highlighted an activity in pink, and would love to see that target activity uploaded to Tapestry. There will also be a selection of video challenges on Tapestry from various members of staff in Foundation Stage – so enjoy!


The idea is that this is to accompany the already fantastic work you have been doing - since we have not been in school you guys have made over 400 uploads & we are so PROUD of your effort.


I read a letter from an anonymous teacher which we felt had an important message:



So in the words of High School Musical ‘We are all in this together’, let’s keep this momentum going.


Have fun and we hope you enjoy the activities.


Mrs Butler, Mrs Turner and Mrs Redfern.

Week 2 – Ideas for Home Learning


Hello! We hope that you are all well, the Foundation Team are all well and missing you all -  thank you  for the kind words and messages you have put on Tapestry. We have LOVED seeing the videos you have uploaded on Tapestry of the children in the Lions, Tigers and Kittens playing games from the packs, completing activities from the activity mat and taking part in our video challenges – thank you.


Please find below some links to different websites and youtube channels that the Foundation Stage Team have found useful this week. Please also continue to practise those counting and jolly phonics songs from Week 1, plus make sure you get on Phonicsplay, from experience I know they will love the activities.


Please do not feel under pressure to complete lots of worksheets etc. with your child over this challenging time.  Most importantly spend that quality time with them; speak to them, play with them, use their toys for counting and sorting activities, and use the resources available naturally outside, online, on the television and on the radio. As one headteacher has posted, use the resources being sent to you ‘if they suit, don’t get stressed if they don’t suit … this is not homeschooling.  This is an unprecedented emergency situation impacting on the whole world.  Let’s keep perspective.’ 

Ideas for home learning.


Below you will find a range of websites to support your child in their learning from home. All sites are suitable for all children within Foundation Stage.


We will update these weekly to provide variety and support a range of topics, we will also pop these on Tapestry as we aware the majority of our parents access this regularly. We have tried to include links to songs that the children are particularly familiar with.


Mrs Butler, Mrs Turner and Mrs Redfern.


General websites to support learning


Education search engine with lots of different online games and activities



Provide your email to be sent free activities and resources to support home learning


Links to support Maths


Daily Count the children are really familiar with these-Great physical activity too.


Links to support English

Tricky words Phase 2 song:


Tricky words Phase 3 song:


Links to Support Phonics

Username: march20

Password: home (you do not need to subscribe)

Kittens look at Phase 1/2

Lions / Tigers Look at Phase 2/3/4


Jolly Phonics song:



Links to support Physical activity


Here are some of our favourites that we do to start our physical activities in school– again the children are very familiar with these.


Banana Banana Meatball: ​​​​​​​


Dinosaur Stomp:


Welcome to Tiger Class!

In Tiger's class our teacher is Mrs Bailey and our teaching assistants are Mrs Hickman and Mrs Brace. We work closely with Mrs Butler, Mrs Vilums, Mrs Smith from the Lion class. Mrs Smith will teach us on a Wednesday morning. PE will be on a Thursday morning, please make sure children have their PE kits in school.

Visit from PDSA


Shona came to visit us from the PDSA and we spoke about what ‘Our Pets’ needed to be happy and healthy. We found out that our pets needed the same as us a home, exercise and fun, to be healthy, food & water and friends. We used makaton to help us remember what they needed. 


We explored different pets and what they like to do. We found out that cats don't like water they like to bath themselves, they like to scratch and climb and they like to play. We were surprised to find out that cats are allergic to milk so we should give them water. They like to be friends with other animals such as dogs but aren’t great with other cats-apparently they are not very good at sharing!


We found out about rabbits. That their hutches need to be big enough for them to hop along 3 jumps, sit on their back legs and lay out flat. We found out that rabbits teeth never stop growing so it’s important to give them the right food, such as hay, pellets and anything green. We were surprised to hear that carrots have quite a bit of sugar in them and we shouldn’t give the rabbits too many.


Finally, we found out about dogs that their sense of smell is amazing. They can even sense when we are feeling sad and will try and make us feel better. We talked about how it is important to clean up after our dogs if they mess, that dogs are social and that they like to be friends with other dogs, other animals and humans. We looked at what dogs needed such as a bed, a collar and lead, a brush, food and water and exercise. We discussed that dogs shouldn’t have chocolate or bones as it might hurt their teeth or make their tummy feel poorly.


We looked at different pictures and identified what the different animals needed. We considered the animals feelings and when they might feel sad.


We had a go at an agility game, took on the characters of different animals and had a go at making all the different animal noises (very noisy!). Shona looked in her suitcase and we had to decide what all the different animals needed like a brush, lead, a kennel, a tube and some hay.

Southwell Minster


What a fabulous day we have had & what a great way to get ready to celebrate Advent.


The Lions and Tigers were so well behaved; remembering their manners, always listening, not running, and thinking of others that might be visiting the minster. They were an absolute credit to you and to Dalestorth, every adult we worked with commented on them & said their behaviour was beautiful. 


As well as having great behaviour, we took part in a number of activities. Which included recreating a tableau (a nativity scene) whilst we retold the story of Christmas. We visited a shepherd & shared his snack whilst he told us the story about the night Jesus was born, including a super flight with the Angel Gabriel that the children thought sounded great! Then we thought about Mary and the angels, listened to a story and made our own angels... Look out for them on display.


We visited all around the minster including the high altar, the Pilgrim’s chapel and the Airmen’s chapel, plus looked at the beautiful Annuciation and Angel window. We visited where the candles are lit and that it is a place where we remember.


After lunch, which for many was the highlight of the day! We went for a walk around the grounds and visited the palace ruins and education garden. Many of the children were really excited interested in the gravestones and made the connection with Remembrance Sunday. 

Nursery Rhyme Day



Garry & Julie from Ashfield District Council came to visit us today for assembly. We learnt so many new things.

It takes this amount of oil in the plastic bottle to produce a new bottle being shown by the Julie. If you recycle it doesn’t take any!


Did you know...

2.7 million trees are chopped down per day for paper to me made. 


An area the size of a football field per second is cut down to make all the paper we use at home, in school or our work places.


Recycle Bins


In your recycling bin you can recycle cereal boxes, cardboard, toilet roll tube, comics, non-shiny wrapping paper, cans, tins, plastic bottles.


When you put the plastic bottle in for recycling you must take off the bottle tops. 


When recycling is collected it gets taken to the MATERIAL RECOVERY FACILITY (MRF).


When paper is breaking down in land fill in takes 6 weeks, plastic bottles takes 450 years.


Tip for Christmas or birthdays


Scrunch test for wrapping paper

If you scrunch the wrapping paper and it stays scrunched up then it can be recycled, if it uncurls itself then it can’t be recycled.

Our topics this year:


Term 1: All about me

Term 2: Colour and light

Term 3: Once upon a time

Term 4: Dinosaurs and monsters

Term 5: Changing and growing

Term 6: Transport and travelling

Websites to support phonics and reading

Username: daletigers 
Password: tigers 

The Tiger class can log in to OxfordOwl using this username and password above and clicking on the 'My class login' button on the Oxford Owl site. We hope you all enjoy the tablet-friendly eBook Collection on Oxford Owl.


Websites to support number activities

Weekly Link Letters

Termly Newsletter