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Our School Improvement and Development Priorities

Dalestorth Primary School Improvement Plan Summary 2019-2020


Priority 1

Quality of education

To increase the % of children achieving ARE in Year 1.

To increase the % of boys achieving ARE and GD in reading, writing and maths throughout the school.

To reduce the Pupil Premium and Non-Pupil Premium gap in reading, writing and maths throughout the school.


Priority 2

Behaviour and attitudes

To improve attendance and reduce persistent absenteeism.


Priority 3

Personal development

To enable pupils to become confident, resilient and independent and to develop strength of character through the development of learning powers.


Priority 4

Leadership and management

To develop the role of the middle/ subject leaders across the school so that leadership is effectively delegated.


Priority 5

The Quality of Early Years Education

To ensure provision closely matches identified needs and all FS staff are confident in delivery and ensuring impact.

This will lead to:

(An increase the % of chn achieving GLD in FS2.)

(An increase the % of chn achieving ELG in Literacy and Maths.)

All adults confident in interacting with children to further their learning

All areas of the learning environment will be used to their fullest potential and closely matched to the children’s need

A consistency in approach with teaching and learning expectations across the whole foundation stage