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Our School Improvement and Development Priorities

Dalestorth School Improvement Plan Summary 2020-2021


Priority 1  To improve the quality of subject leadership across the school

1.1 Establish a clear model for high quality subject leadership

1.2 Develop clear learning progressions in each subject

1.3 Ensure that subject leaders are able to independently assess the quality of provision in their area

1.4 Ensure subject leaders access regular high quality CPD for their subject area

1.5 Ensure that subject leads are able to articulate standards in their subject and next steps


Priority 2 To ensure that curriculum coverage is broad and balanced

2.1 Ensure that timetabling allows time for the full curriculum to be taught in depth in blocks over the academic year

2.2 Ensure that high quality work (particularly writing) is produced across the curriculum over the academic year

2.3 Ensure that staff have the necessary subject knowledge to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum (where necessary)

2.4 Support subject leads in assessing the quality of provision in their subjects and planning next steps


Priority 3 To ensure teaching pedagogy is consistently high quality across the curriculum

3.1 Ensure that staff are clear on how their teaching impacts on the learning of children over time.

3.2 Ensure teaching regularly revisits key information (in different subjects) which deepen all children’s learning over time 3.3 Ensure that teachers develop resources in each subject which support deeper learning over time (quizzes, quick fire questions, starter activities etc

3.4 Ensure teachers understand what high expectations look like in each year group

3.5 Ensure that teachers pitch work at the correct level in each subject


Priority 4 To improve the quality of provision in FS

4.1 Ensure that high quality continuous and enhanced provision is planned for effectively and meets the needs of learners

4.2 Ensure that the requirements of the FS curriculum are covered fully and in depth

4.3 Ensure that all adults working in FS have the pedagogical skills to enable all learners to make sufficient progress and be challenged appropriately

4.4 Ensure that there are always consistently high expectations across all FS classes

4.5 Ensure that the % of children achieving GLD or exceeding the ELGs in 2020-21 moves closer to the national average


Priority 5 To ensure that high quality remote learning is in place so that every child is not disadvantaged by the Covid-19 pandemic

5.1 Ensure all children have access to high quality printed resources

5.2 Ensure that children have access to high-quality on-line teaching on a daily basis

5.3 Provide regular opportunities for children and parents to discuss learning with teachers

5.4 Ensure teachers regularly check on the wellbeing of their class during prolonged absences

5.5 Ensure staff have the necessary skills to provide remote learning opportunities for the children in their class