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We have recently updated our whole school curriculum planning. Though we still follow a 2 year rolling curriculum plan, we have altered it so that each year we cover three topics, rather than one per half term. This is enabling us to explore topics thoroughly, and spend time embedding our learning. To see our new topic overviews, including the Geography topics we will be doing, follow the link:


Geography is seen as a key focus for our teaching and learning and is one of our focus subjects this academic year.  We aim to ensure that each child at our school can access a rich and varied Geography curriculum which, wherever possible, will be taught in conjunction with other subjects.  


The theme for learning in the spring term will have a Geography focus. Geography skills will also be taught during the autumn and summer terms but will not be the key focus. Within each 2-year cycle, all areas of the geography curriculum are covered, with a clear progression of skills being developed.


Key skills to be taught are:


  • Locational knowledge
  • Place knowledge
  • Human and Physical geography
  • Geographical skills and fieldwork



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