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FS2 - Reception - Mo Farah

Welcome to Mo Farah Class!

Mo Farah 23-24

In Farah Class Miss Wood is our teacher and Mrs Vilums is our teaching assistant. Mrs Vilums and Miss Carter will be teaching us on a Tuesday afternoon to cover Miss Wood. 

Mrs Redfern, Mrs Smith and Mrs Weston will also be helping us in our classroom.

Our topics this year will be:


Autumn Term – History Focus

Autumn 1: Who Am I? Who Are You? - All About Me

Autumn 2: Why Do We Celebrate? - Celebrations


Spring Term – Geography Focus

Spring 1: Who Lives In a Land Far, Far Away? – Traditional Tales

Spring 2: Do You Fly, Walk or Swim? – Lifecycles & Animals


Summer Term – Art Focus

Summer 1: What’s Above Me? What’s Below Me? – Growing

Summer 2: Do You Wish You Were Here? - Travel


Each term, you will receive a newsletter telling you more information about each topic as well as brand new Knowledge Mats! These provide you with ‘Subject Specific Vocabulary’ and ‘Sticky Knowledge’ that your child will be learning throughout the topic.


For more information about our topics please follow this link:

Our Dalestorth Curriculum | Dalestorth Primary and Nursery School

What can you do to help your child in FS2?                                                                                              

  • Let us know about any changes in circumstances at home that might impact on school. Talk to us if you have any worries or concerns – write us a note, give the school office a ring or email the school office.
  • Read to them and read with them! Reading and retelling a story are important skills to develop in FS2 and the more often you can look at books together and hear your child read, the quicker they will become successful, independent readers. Please write in your child’s reading diary when they have read to you as they will be rewarded for this with a raffle ticket (for 3 or more reads at home) and a chance to win a book, each week.
  • Please continue to help your child learn the sounds in their plastic packet and keywords at the back of their reading diaries. You could ask them to put them into sentences to help remember them, make another set and play matching pairs or look carefully at the shape of the letters/words to help them recognise them as you call each one out.
  • Use the Oxford Owl website to help your child with their reading (see link below in useful websites section). Please enjoy this wonderful website – a free eBooks collection. Log in – top right and then our class login is: Username: dale farah     Password: farah
  • Count! Count in 1s, in 2s, in 5s and in 10s; up the stairs, steps along the street, apples into the bag, pennies in the purse etc.
  • Use Purple Mash — Purple Mash has a vast array of resources that you and your child can access for free! Use the link below in useful websites section and enter your child’s username and login which is located in your child’s diary.
  • Come and help us – we always welcome parents to help us…listen to readers, help with baking etc.
  • Make sure that all of your child’s clothing is named. This is such a big help to us - it’s very hard for us to find the owner of a blue cardigan/jumper when it has no name.
  • Keep inhalers up to date if your child needs one.  
  • Look out for headlice and keep long hair tied back. 
  • Make sure your child is rested and goes to bed at a sensible time.
  • Check your child's book bag, their class page and the school website regularly for letters sent home and access to more learning links.

Useful Websites