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School Council 2021-22

We are Dalestorth School Council.  We are made up of children from each year group in Years 2-6 who have been elected by our class to represent everyone else.  It is our job to give the pupils a voice. We seek the views of the pupils in school and put forward their suggestions. We enjoy coming up with ideas to make the school a better place. We organise events and activities and work hard at fundraising. We are also responsible for the weekly Praise Assembly and keep our eyes and ears open to reward and mention good behaviour and hard work.  We will keep you up to date with the work we are doing. Please see the minutes of our weekly meetings below.

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On our first school council meeting, we were asked to say something interesting about who we are and the reason why we wanted to be part of School Council.


Tilly (Year 2): I want to be able to see everyone in school and I have two pet Guinea Pigs!

Jenson (Year 2): I just want to be in school and I like climbing mountains!

Heidi (Year 3): I want to help the school and I love to bake with my Grandma!

Victor (Year 3): I want to make the school rules even better and I always play with others and am kind!

Alex (Year 4): I want to help improve the school and I am a bee keeper!

Ava (Year 4): I like the teachers and I am a good gymnast!

Carter (Year 5): I want to improve the school, help out and do jobs and I have an allotment and keep reptiles!

Neve (Year 5): I like to help others and do jobs and I like animals and times tables!

Malachy (Year 6): I want to help the school and I am a good explorer!

Alishay (Year 6): I like to read out loud and to praise people and I like reading, walking and travelling!


Mr Thorne and Mrs Hill are incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful, caring, nurturing and thoughtful School Council this academic year. We look forward to all the possibilities they can create. 

Events - 2021

Please look at our fundraising page to see how much fun we had for our Macmillan cake event!