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Year 2 - Marie Curie

Marie Curie class - year 2 - 2023-24

Hello everyone, welcome to our Marie Curie class page.

We are one of three classes in Key Stage 1. In our class there are 30 Year 2 children

Here you can see what we've been doing and find out about what we're learning.


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. We change into our PE kit, which stays in school, on these days. 

Curriculum - what we will be learning this year:


Autumn Term – History Focus

Are our toys better than Victorian children’s toys?                


Spring Term – Geography Focus

How can we protect the world’s animals?


Summer Term – Art Focus

How have women changed the world?


For more details please see


Each term, you will receive a newsletter telling you more information about each topic as well as our Knowledge Mats. These provide you with ‘Subject Specific Vocabulary’ and ‘Sticky Knowledge’ that your child will be learning throughout the topic.

Welcome to Marie Curie class leaflet - September 2023

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