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Safety & Happiness

Your safety and happiness is vital to us at Dalestorth. If there is something wrong, you are upset or worried about anything or you feel unsafe it is very important you talk to someone you trust such as a friend, an adult or a teacher.

If you feel worried about talking to someone you know, you can call ChildLine on 0800 11 11 at anytime you like or in an online chat at



You may also like to use Kooth which offers free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support.


It is really important that everyone (both children and adults) knows how to stay safe online. Using the Internet sensibly is something that we encourage all children to do during their time at Dalestorth.


Safer Internet Day - Monday 4th February 2019


We spent the day looking at ways to ensure that we could all safely enjoy the internet.We discussed the importance of using the internet responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively. 


In KS1, we used the IPads to create posters about how to be safe online. 


In Wildcats, Lynx and Cougars, we read a book called 'Troll Stinks' by Jeanne Wills and Tony Ross. We used the messages within the story, which was about being responsible and respectful online, to create our own posters. 


In Jaguars and Cheetahs, we created our very own online safety video to help younger children to be responsible, respectful and critical online. You can watch our videos on our class pages. 


In Leopards, we created story boards about possible scenarios that young people could face whilst they are using the internet. 

Our Online-safety programme will continue throughout the year so that any issues raised are addressed.
Here are links to some useful websites where you can learn more about being safe on the Internet.

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