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Home Learning Projects...

Below you will find our weekly Home Learning Projects which will provide you with a range of learning activities for the week ahead.


Don't forget to upload the highlighted task onto Seesaw for us all to see as well as completing this week's 2Dos on Purple Mash smiley


We can't wait to hear from you!

Love The KS1 Team x

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Here's our Home Learning Project for this week along with the White Rose maths activities. Don't forget to check out the daily phonics lessons using this link too!

We are looking forward to seeing what you all get up to.

Have a great week!


W.b 11th May 2020

Here is the learning pack for this week. The Whiterose Maths worksheets are no longer free for parents to download from their website, but we have a school subscription, so we have added them below. There is also an adjective and common exception word mat that might be useful this week.

Look forward to seeing all your exciting work on Seesaw this week.

Take care and have a good week.

Seesaw Support 

We are using Seesaw, which is a secure online digital learning platform, to accompany our new home learning projects which will be available each Monday. 


Below are video guides to show you: how to set up an account; how to upload work to Seesaw and how to comment on a child's piece of work. There is also a written guide below. 



How to set up a Seesaw account

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How to upload work to Seesaw

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How to comment on a child's piece of work

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To all the children in Pumas Class, Panthers Class and Bobcats class


The residents and the staff at The Byars Nursing Home would like to say a big ‘thank you’ for the fabulous cards that you made and sent to us. Everyone enjoyed looking at the beautiful pictures that you have drawn and reading your messages. They really made our ladies and gentlemen smile and helped to brighten up their day! 😊


With love and best wishes


From all of the residents and the care team at The Byars xxx

Welcome to Year 1 Bobcats!

Web links to support learning...

Hi Bobcats! We hope you are all ok. Here are some websites you can use at home to keep yourselves entertained. We will change them weekly so you will have lots of different things to do. Also, don't forget to ask an adult to help you join Joe Wicks for his PE workout sessions everyday on YouTube at 9am and Shonette Bason-Wood for her daily Dough Disco at 9.30am! Enjoy!


Love Miss Jesson & Ms Cargill x

Week beginning 30th March

Week beginning 23rd March

Bobcat Class 2019-20

In Bobcat Class our teacher is Miss Jesson and our teaching assistant is Ms Cargill.

Miss Radford teaches us on a Thursday afternoon and we work closely with the rest of the KS1 team too.

Useful Information...

Newstead Trip letter

Newsletters and Information...

Our new topic for the Spring term is:

'How Can We Protect The World's Animals?'


This is primarily a geography-based topic, linked with learning about animals in science.



What can you do to help your child in Year 1?

  • Come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns.

  • Read to them and read with them! Reading is a key skill in Year 1 and helps children become successful, independent learners. Listening to your child read at home at least 4 times a week will ensure continued progress. Please write in your child’s reading diary when they have read to you, as they will be rewarded for this with a raffle ticket (for 3 or more reads at home) and a chance to win a book, each week.

  • Use the Oxford Owl website to help your child with their reading.

  • Please continue to help your child learn the keywords in their plastic packet. You could ask them to put them into sentences to help remember them, make another set and play matching pairs, look carefully at the shape of the words to help them recognise them etc.

  • Count! Count in 1s, in 2s, in 5s and in 10s, forwards and backwards, up the stairs, peas on the plate, pennies in the purse etc. Count to and over 100! Count on and back from different starting points.

  • Come and help us – we always welcome parents to help us…listen to readers, help with baking, sewing etc.

Class News...

Meet Snuggles our class dog! Each week he will be sent home with a different child and his adventures recorded in his diary. This is a great opportunity for the children to practise their writing skills so please encourage them to have a go independently :) When Snuggles is returned to school we will encourage the children to share what he has been up to by reading their diary entries to the rest of the class.

Art Sketchbook

We will also be sending home our class art sketchbook with a different child each week to promote the enjoyment of art outside of school. When it is your child's turn they can add their contribution to the sketchbook and share their work with their friends when they return the book to school. The children are free to be as creative as they wish but it must be their own work :)

Class Council

We had a brilliant time doing our mile for Sport Relief. We skipped, ran, side stepped and even did the conga!

Wow! What amazing World Book Day costumes! We had a fantastic variety of words too...see if you can spot yours!

For Book Week we enjoyed exploring some Lost Words. We read a book of spells full of words that have been removed from the Oxford Children's Dictionary to make room for more modern ones. We hunted for clues around the classroom and matched them to the correct word - otter, newt, kingfisher, acorn, bluebell and willow. In the afternoon, we made some fantastic pictures of a kingfisher or a willow tree using either watercolour paints, wax crayons, pencil crayons or pastels and filled in outlines of our chosen word with lots of adjectives to describe it. 

What a fun day we've had with Paul Cookson!

We thoroughly enjoyed listening to Paul Cookson perform some of his favourite poems for us this morning. They were so silly! We joined in with the words and actions, and then Paul helped us to make up our own poem about Arctic animals during our class workshop. We were so inspired by our visit from Paul, we then went back to the classroom and wrote our own disgusting acrostic poems. We loved being allowed to use really silly words and wrote some great poems about smelly feet, slimy snot and stinky sick!

We are absolutely loving our Monday afternoon music lessons with Mr Fretwell! We have been singing songs, learning about the beat and playing the boomwhackers...

We all had a brilliant day dressing as rock stars to celebrate the launch of Times Tables Rock Stars and Numbots! We loved showing off our best rock star poses and rocking out all day!! We also had time to explore Numbots on the iPads. Remember to check your child's bookbag and reading diary for their individual login. Enjoy!

We loved our celebration of Pancake Day!

We had a great time learning all about how we can recycle left over fruit & vegetable scraps to make compost. We also learnt lots about earthworms and enjoyed looking at them up close!

We had an amazing time playing in the snow!!!

We had a lovely visit from Shauna from the PDSA who told us all about caring for our pets. We began by thinking about what things we needed to keep healthy and then realised these were the same for our pets. We now know that our pets need a safe home, exercise & fun, friends, good health and food & drink.


Shauna told us lots of facts about caring for cats, dogs & rabbits and we loved watching the videos of the animals playing and running around! We were quite surprised at some of the things Shauna taught us, including cats shouldn't have milk, dogs shouldn't have chocolate or bones and rabbits shouldn't have too many carrots! We also listened to the story of Chase the dog who ate a Kinder egg and made himself really poorly. Luckily, the PDSA was on hand to help and Chase was soon back fighting fit again.


We also enjoyed playing an animal themed game of Simon Says and exploring all the pet related objects Shauna had brought in to show us. What a fantastic morning we had!

We had lots of fun during our African animals inspired Art Week! We have been really busy printing animal patterns using card, exploring paint mixing to create African sunset silhouette pictures and making 3D animal structures using box modelling resources.

We had a fantastic time learning all about a Victorian Christmas at Newstead Abbey. We started the day below stairs making our own sweet smelling bags with Mary the housemaid and then moved into Mr Webb's chamber, where Crusher treated us to a story on the projector. After lunch, we went into the great hall and had lots of fun playing parlour games with Mr Webb, the owner of Newstead Abbey. Finally, we finished the day in the kitchen with the cook Mrs Drew, where we enjoyed making our own sugar mice.

What a brilliant day! The children all behaved beautifully and looked amazing in their Victorian costumes too, well done everyone :)

We were all amazing in our Christmas production of I'm Gonna Shine! Well done everyone :)

We loved our visit to Sutton Library! We enjoyed a story time with the librarian, read some books with our friends and even got to use our library card to take books home. We were really tired after all our walking though!

We all looked fantastic in our Pudsey outfits to raise money for Children in Need!

For Anti-Bullying Day, we all came to school with odd socks on! Here we are pulling some funny faces and showing off our odd socks!


During the afternoon, we had lots of discussions about what bullying is and how it makes people feel. We carried out an experiment to see what impact our words and actions can have using two identical apples. We were really kind to one apple by giving it compliments, stroking it and telling it how much we loved it, but were really mean to the other apple by hitting it and saying lots of unkind things like I hate you & you look horrible. We couldn't see any difference between the two apples, but when we cut them open the one we'd been unkind to was all bruised and squidgy inside. We then talked about how the words we use can affect other people even if we can't see it on the outside.

We had a fantastic time learning all about recycling during our visit from the Ashfield District Council waste team. We even got to look at a bin lorry up close and sat in the cab too!

We have had a fantastic first week in Year 1! We have been busy exploring our new classroom, catching up with our friends and making some new ones too :)

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