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Year 2 - Panthers

Hello everyone, welcome to our Panther page.

We are one of three classes in Key Stage 1. In our class there are 29 Year 2 children

Here you can see what we've been doing and find out about what we're learning.


Mrs Claxton and Ms Cass teach our class.



  Miss Lebeter,  Miss Radford,   Mrs Wilson and Ms Cargill help us too

Panther class 2016-17

Our topics this term are:

Brilliant bodies

In this topic, we will identify, name, draw and label the basic parts of the human body and the functions of these body parts! We will find out about the 5 senses and which part of the body each one of these senses is associated with.


Animal Allsorts

In this topic we will find out about different types of animals that exist in our world and what makes them so special. We will find out how to categorise these animals and to think about where each type of animal might be found.


Around the World Week - Monday 10th - Friday 14th July


Wow we have had a whistle stop tour around the world this week!  We began in Australia on Monday, visited Poland and China on Tuesday and there is one more stop at Reunion Island.


We have written postcards, carried out food tasting and made some wonderful Aboriginal art.  

Australia - Aboriginal Art

19th April - At Class Council

We read the online story book

After we had read the story, we talked about what we would do if we had found the money. We had great ideas....give it to a grown up, give it to the police, tell someone, give it to a teacher or our parents. The children were really honest and knew that they should try and find a way to get back to whoever had lost it.

Nice work, Panthers!



Easter Bonnets - Friday 31st March 2017


On the last Friday of the spring term we had the opportunity to come to school with a decorated Easter bonnet.  Here are our designs.  Aren't they fantastic?

Our Easter Bonnets - March 2017

Our Easter Egg was very tricky but we enjoyed eating the rewards!

Red Nose Day 2017 - We did something funny for money! We wore our clothes inside out and backwards! We decorated cakes and had a cake sale. We raised lots!

Class Council - Wednesday 22nd March

In class council today, we watched some science clips. Click on them to watch them.

We loved them!

Why do we find baby animals cute?

We learnt that our brains switch on when we see "cuteness". A baby animal's big eyes and chubby cheeks makes us more likely to want to care for them.

Did you know shrews can do the conga?

We enjoyed learning that shrews conga with their siblings when they are first born as they can't see or hear. They hold onto each other's tail and walk in a long line! How funny they look!

Do you know how polar bears travel across ice without falling through it?

They spread their enormous weight across the ice so that they don't fall through. They are excellent ice-skaters!



World Book Day - March 2nd - look at our fabulous outifts. Can you guess who we are?

Mr Shepherd - fingerprint expert (and Erin's dad) came to talk to us about his job. We all had our fingerprint taken and learned about Mr Shepherd's important job.

Mr Nightingale (Ava's dad) came to bake cookies with us. Mr Nightingale works as a Chef at the University of Nottingham. Mr Nightingale talked about his work telling us that he makes healthy meals for the students! He makes huge lasagnas and curries to fill them up. Our cookies were delicious!

Class Council - Thursday 5th January

We talked today about our hopes and aspirations for the future when we are grown up.

We talked about the jobs that we are aiming for ...there was a wide range.....

builders, zoo keepers (looking after the crocodiles and the turtles), police officers, paramedics, an arcade worker in Newquay, a contestant on Britain's Got Talent, a skater like Tony Hawk, a childminder, an athlete, an ice-skating teacher, hairdresser and nail technicians. We are certainly all different and talked about how we should shoot for the stars and aim high.

We thought that when we were adults and had been busy at work all day we might like to spend doing a variety of hobbies including playing football, riding our bikes, going to the pub, having snail races, drumming, trampolining, building Lego, gardening, drinking bit chocolate, painting our nails, going to the gym and swimming.

None of us were too keen on getting married and having our own children!


Santa comes to visit!

The Midwife Crisis - in December we performed our Christmas play

Class Council - Thursday 1st December

We enjoyed watching Newsround today.

We talked about whether we thought Gareth Southgate would be a good England manager and loved watching the penguins make their journey to Birmingham from Denmark.

NASA are looking for inventions to help astronauts go to the toilet in space and we had a few ideas that could maybe help them!

We talked about how important it is that we do our best to recycle as much as possible to help slow Climate Change after watching a clip about the changing colour of coral in the Great Barrier Reef. The water is warming up and the coral is loosing its colour. The creatures that live in the sea with the coral are in danger because of this so we discussed how we could help.


Going Spotty for Children in Need

Success at Enterprise day

29th October - At Class Council we talked about –

How we have settled into Panther class….

“We’ve liked making new friends.”

“Sometimes it’s hard!”

“We go on great trips!”

What we are proud of or pleased about so far in year 2….

“We’ve made great houses for the Great Fire of London.”

“We had fun dancing the story of the Great Fire of London.”

“The bread we made was delicious!”

“We made lots of money for Macmillan when we sold the cakes that we had decorated.”

“We can paint like Georges Seurat.”

What do we need to get better at….

“Working more quietly.”

“Maybe we need to be a bit quieter when we are eating our lunch.”

“To have only kind hands at playtime.”

Any problems…

“Where can we find a swimming costume for Mavis our class monkey?”

Dress down day for NSPCC

Perfect Pointillism during Art Week

London burns down!

The Great Fire of London - bakers!

Great Fire of London bakers baking bread!

The Great Fire of London drama work

Life in Panther class information

To help your child at home....

  • Come and talk to us if you have any worries or concerns.

  • Read to them and read with them! Reading is a key skill in Year 2 and helps children become successful, independent learners. Listening to your child read at home at least 4 times a week will ensure continued progress. Please write in your child’s reading diary when they have read to you, as they will be rewarded for this.

  • Please continue to help your child learn the keywords in their plastic packet.

  • Count! Count in 1s, in 2s, in 3s, in 5s and in 10s, up the stairs, peas on the plate, pennies in the purse etc. Count over 100, from different numbers rather than from 1 eg 36,37 etc.

  • Play the maths games on the Abacus site.


After Christmas children will receive a piece of homework fortnightly. This may be Maths or English work. We will send you more information nearer the time.

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