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Our Dalestorth Curriculum

The Curriculum at Dalestorth

At Dalestorth we believe in giving children a broadly balanced curriculum that covers all the subjects above in a creative and inspiring way, but in a logical way so children understand what they have learned in each subject and topic and can relate it real life context and their next stage of learning. We are keen for our curriculum to be interesting, fun and progressive. To help us plan and deliver our curriculum, we use the ‘Inspire Curriculum’ by Focus Education.

They have written a curriculum that covers all of the necessary learning objectives as well as a range of important life skills. They have ensured that there is coverage across the whole school and that no year groups repeat topics or cover the same area. Thus ensuring our children make excellent progress.

Below is a copy of an overview of the different topics covered across the school and a bit about what they involve...

The topics highlighted on the curriculum topic documents above are the ones that are being studied for the current academic year.

Every Term the class teachers will send you a newsletter telling you more about these topics in much more detail depending on which class your child is in. You will find the Termly Newsletters in the 'class pages.'