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Who's Who - Meet the Staff

Come and meet the amazing staff at our school...

School Governors

Mrs Wain - Chair of Governors
Mr Barsby - LA Governor & Vice Chair of Governors
Mrs Claxton - Assistant Head
Mrs Curran - Assistant Head
Mr Lamb - Staff Governor
Mrs Smith - Co-opted Governor
Mrs Kendrick - Co-opted Governor
Mr Czarnocki - Parent Governor
Mrs Fryatt - Parent Governor
Mrs Barnett - Parent Governor

Management Team/Teaching Staff

Mr Taylor - Executive Head Teacher
Mrs Claxton - Assistant Head - KS1 Leader
Mrs Curran - Assistant Head - KS2 Leader
Mrs Bailey - Foundation Stage Leader
Mr Thorne - Pupil Welfare and SMSC Leader

Teaching Staff

Mrs Turner - FS1 Teacher
Mrs Redfern- FS1 Teacher
Mrs Butler - FS2 Teacher
Mrs Bailey - FS2 Teacher
Miss Jesson - Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Heathcote - Year 1/2 Teacher
Mrs Claxton - Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Plumb - Year 3 Teacher - SENCO
Mrs Debic - Year 3/4 Teacher
Mrs Rigby - Year 3/4Teacher
Mr Lamb - Year 4 Teacher
Mr Thorne - Year 5 Teacher
Mrs Holt - Year 5/6 Teacher
Miss Kennedy - Year 5/6 Teacher
Mrs Curran - Year 6 Teacher

Support Staff

Mrs Renshaw
Mrs Marsh
Mrs Weston
Mrs Vilums
Mrs Brace
Mrs Hickman
Mrs Cargill
Miss Radford
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Hill
Mrs Bennett
Mrs Carter
Mrs Blake
Mrs Cope
Mrs King

Office Staff

Mrs Spencer
Mrs Marsden

Catering Team

Mrs Knowles-Brown
Mrs Shaw

Premises Staff

Mr Tucker - ICT Technician
Mr Spencer
Mrs Newton
Mrs Buttery
Mrs Hammonds
Mr Price
Miss Carter
Mrs Brown

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Hunt
Mr Price
Mrs Hammonds
Miss Percival
Mrs Sinclair
Mrs Vargova
Mrs Cooke
Miss Carter
Mrs Brown
Mrs Newton
Mrs Meakin