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Term & Diary Dates

Please find here a link to Nottinghamshire County Council Term Dates for School Holidays and a list of our own School INSET Dates for this year.  All other Calendar Dates, (e.g. School Photographer, Christmas Plays, Parent's Evenings etc.)  you will find in the 'Calendar Dates' section of our website. 



What is an INSET Training Day?

It means the children don't have to come to school, but the rest of the staff do: Teachers, Teaching assistants, Midday Supervisors & Cleaners.


During these days staff have training on important school issues..

-Sometimes it can be about the School Curriculum & what we teach the children.

-Sometimes it can be about improving policies or procedures such as Behaviour.

-Sometimes it can be a legal requirement such as training about Fire, First Aid or Safeguarding.


Our INSET DAYS for this coming year are as follows...


INSET Day 1:

Tuesday 31st August



Expectations – staff handbook


Diary dates - planner

New year preparation 


INSET Day 2:

Monday 1st September


Behaviour policy 

INSIGHT training

New year preparation  


INSET Day 3:

Friday 15th October

Teaching of Reading and Writing



INSET Day 4:

Monday 21st February

Teaching of Reading and Writing – follow up



INSET Day 5:

Wednesday 27th July

Report writing