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Re-Start-a Heart Day

On Tuesday 16th October, Years 1-6 took part in Restart a Heart Day funded by the East Midlands ambulance Service Charitable Fund.

We joined with other schools across the East Midlands who all signed up to provide their pupils with life-saving cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training.  By registering with the project we demonstrated a commitment to a goal of creating a generation of future lifesavers.

Restart a Heart Day is a Europe-wide initiative developed by the European Resuscitation Council. It was launched in 2013 to teach members of the public how to help restart the heart of someone who has suffered a cardiac arrest. Our pupils were among 10000 children across East Midlands who took part in the world’s largest event of its kind. Along with colleagues in other ambulance services the aim was to train 200000 youngsters nationally.  Today, if you suffer a cardiac arrest out of hospital in the UK, you have less than a one-in-ten chance of surviving. In places such as Norway where cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is more widely taught it is as high as four in ten. The day itself was incredible.  The fund sent 5 volunteers to train the children consisting of nurses, health workers and a fireman from our local station.  We even had a parent volunteer. All of these people had volunteered to do this on their day off.

The volunteers taught the children how to perform CPR on inflatable mannequins.  Each class had a 30 minute session, everyone was trained and the children had lots of time to ask questions.

The volunteers were engaging and patient with the children as well as being lots of fun.  The children enjoyed learning something they knew was so worthwhile and I am enormously proud of them.  264 people were trained in CPR in our school that day.

Below are some quotes from the children and an extract of an email sent by one of the volunteers.....

Jaguar Class enjoyed learning about how to give compression's.

They were surprised about how the song 'baby shark' was the rhythm for the compression's. They liked being able to practise the theory that was being talked about on dummies. They all liked how they all got to have a go and not just a few.

In Cheetah Class, the children loved it. Brody said 'It was really cool how everyone got to learn it”

Charlotte said “It’s like when I do it at scuba diving and I thought it was a lot of fun."

Puma children loved the workshop and all were able to say what they would do if they found someone who was poorly and needed help. They talked about the importance of making sure they were safe and getting some extra help as quickly as they could.

Panther Class - "We loved it!"

Brody asked  Matt “ Why are you a nurse?”

“Because I want to help people – you could be a nurse, Brody, you were great at CPR!”

“I’ll shout for help and call 999” – Evie

“Press 30 times, breath 2 times, that’s hard work” – Arthur

Leopard Class

Georgia – I really enjoyed it because it was fun to learn something new and a lot of my family members work for the NHS so it was good to see what they do.

Jake – It was and interesting to see what they do in a hospital as we don’t normally get to see that.

Mara – I thought it was useful because if anything happens to anybody we would know what to do to help and save them.

Cougar Class

Jayden, "It was really fun and different to what we normally do at school."                                                                                                          Lili, I enjoyed getting to practise CPR on the mannequins."
Vanessa, " The people who did the session were really fun!" 
Jake, " I learnt a skill for life."

Lynx Class

Lyla - ‘I’ve never done it before. I thought it was cool.’

Ruthie- ‘I enjoyed practising on the dummies.’

Kobi -‘I learnt to shout at the person on the floor in trouble to see if they would wake up’

Harrison -‘I liked singing baby shark’

Isabelle -‘I learnt how to save someone’s life’

Alishay- ‘I learnt how to keep someone safe if they stop breathing’

Kaiden - ‘I learnt how to pump someone’s chest and check for breathing’

Ava - ‘I needed to check their breathing for 10 seconds’

Evie - ‘I now know how to do CPR’

Alexander - ‘I liked practising CPR. I now feel more confident’

Wildcats learnt lots during their session and took it really seriously - lots of children commented on how important it was to learn CPR. All the children said at the end that they would be confident to save a life if they needed to, and it was lots of fun learning how!


Andy, one of the volunteers from Ashfield Fire Station wrote....

Hi Ms Stafford,

I would just like to thank you and your school for allowing nurses from Kings Mill Hospital and Queens Medical Centre and Notts Fire And Rescue Service to attend Dalestorth Primary to deliver CPR training on the 16/10/18. We found that the children were brilliantly well behaved and attentive. And all the teachers were friendly and enthusiastic. A real credit to your school.

I hope that we see a lot more of your school in the future.