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 Here at Dalestorth we enjoy a variety of Fundraising projects…  Not only does it support  the needs of communities, it also encourages children to think of others before themselves and what it would like to be in another person's shoes.

We enjoy fundraising for needy causes such as: Children in Need, Comic Relief, Sport Relief, Berundi Bear, Macmillan, Water Aid , Sightsavers, John Eastwood Hospice, Kingsmill, The Powerful Pencil Case Challenge, NSPCC, Save the Children, Rainbows Children's Hospice etc and many more.


2015-2016 saw us raise the following:

£380 for Macmillan - coffee afternoon

£550 for Children in Need

£218 for the NSPCC - Christmas Bobble Hat Day

102 Christmas Boxes sent for Operation Christmas Child

£195 for Macmillian, Wish upon a Star & Save the Children - Txt Santa - Christmas Jumper Day

£132 raised by the choir for the John Eastwood Hospice

£1500 for Sports for Champions

£279 to build schools in Burundi (Burundi Picnic)




Fundraising for our own school and our children is also very dear to our hearts which is where money from the Autumn Fair, Easter Activities, Christmas Cards, Discos, Cake sales comes in.  The money we have raised recently from your huge generosity has gone on..


- Subsidising trips and visitors

-Outdoor Play equipment

-Sports Equipment

- We have lots planned for the outdoor area (money is being saved for this until we reach a big total)


Many thanks for your generosity as we completely depend on it.

All our work around Fundraising supports our promotion of British Values, Citizenship, SMSC and PSHE.

Enterprise Week

Last year we ran an Enterprise/Apprentice Week in school.  This was to enhance the financial education aspect of our PSHE/SMSC Curriculum.

Each class was given a budget of £30 to purchase resources to make a product to sell.

The children’s challenge was then to sell as much of the merchandise as possible and make a profit. Selling of the products took place on the afternoon of Friday the 20th November from 3.00pm.

All monies were released back to the children for them to decide on purchases to make for their class.

Below you can see what each class made.  The week was greatly enjoyed by all and we will be repeating it this year in 2016.


Kittens - Cakes

Lions- Christmas Reindeer decorations

Tigers-Christmas reindeer decorations

Bobcat Class – Marshmallow pops

Panther Class-Hot chocolate reindeers

Puma Class – Reindeer Food

Wildcat Class-Delicious sweet treats

Cougar Class-Christmas Novelties

Jaguar Class- Fruit crumbles

Leopard Class- Fruit crumbles

Our products

Fundraising 2016-2017

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 2016

Mrs Hill, School Council and a team of parent volunteers are becoming experts in organising this for school.  This year's Coffee Afternoon has raised a whopping £450! The most ever.  A huge thank you for your generosity.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 1
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 2
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 3
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 4
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 5
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 6

Harvest Festival 2016 - FS2 and KS1

Harvest Festival 2016 - KS2


Our NSPCC Dress Down Day on 14th October 2016 raised £267.  The NSPCC delivered two assemblies, one for KS1 and one for KS2 and a detailed workshop for Year's 5 & 6.  All of the children have learnt about how to keep themselves safe and who they can turn to with worries.  All children understand the different types of child abuse: Neglect, Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse & Bullying and that none of these are ok.

For more information on Safeguarding, E-Safety and the NSPCC, please visit the 'Parents' area of our website and select 'Safeguarding & E-Safety. 

Enterprise Week 2016 - 31st October - 4th November - Enterprise Sale on 4th November at 3pm

Enterprise Week was extremely successful when we launched it for the first time last year.  The aim of the week is to support the children’s learning of the Financial Education aspect of our PSHE/SMSC Curriculum. Each class is given a budget of £30 to purchase resources to make a product to sell.

The children’s challenge is then to sell as much of the merchandise as possible and make a profit. Selling of the products took place on the afternoon of Friday the 4th November from 3.00pm.

 All monies made are then be released back to the children for them to decide on purchases to make for their class.  This year the following items were manufactured...


Kittens – Key rings and cakes

Lions- Fire work biscuits, pizzas and pictures

Tigers- Fire work biscuits, pizzas and pictures

Bobcat Class – Gift tags, marshmallow snowmen, Christmas pine cone people

Panther Class-Gift tags, Santa hat cones and body scrub

Puma Class – Gift tags, reindeer noses and snowman soup

Wildcat Class-Fudge

Cougar Class-Fruit crumbles

Jaguar Class- Mechanical toys

Leopard Class- Mechanical toys


Enterprise 1
Enterprise 2
Enterprise 3

Enterprise Week 2016 - Profit & Results

Kittens - £98

Lions - £85

Tigers - £85

Panthers - £57

Pumas - £57

Bobcats - £57

Wildcats - £85.35

Lynx - £137.66

Cougars - £171.08

Jaguars - £67.84

Leopards - £71.84


The Enterprise Trophy Winners are therefore the Cougars with their fruit crumbles.  A huge well done!! All classes get to keep the profits they have made and will decide as a class what they want to spend the money on.  It may be to have a special treat, subsidise a trip, buy something for the class like a game or a pet, but rest assured we will let you know.  A huge thank you for your support.  The money raised is purely for the children.

Operation Christmas Child 2016

Yet again Dalestorth Primary have surpassed themselves, making up 103 Christmas Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  A huge thank you and well done!

103 Christmas Shoe Boxes!

103 Christmas Shoe Boxes! 1

Children in Need 2016

We raised an amazing £621 with our Non-Uniform Day, Knitted Pudsey Raffle, Cake Sale and game of 'Guess how many spots on Pudsey.'  Overwhelming, thank you all so much.

Picture 1