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At Dalestorth, we follow the ‘Inspire’ scheme for our history planning. History is taught and planned in each teaching team, using the long-term plans below:

We encourage pupils to become historical detectives and explore the past in an exciting and interactive way. In our lessons, we teach the key skills of history, including: chronology of historical events, asking as well as responding to historical questions, building empathy and understanding of people from the past and developing research skills.

Children take part in a variety of activities in history, including handling artefacts and studying photographs, role-play, placing events on timelines and taking part in many historical visits and workshops.


Below is the skills ladder we follow when planning and teaching History:





History Week

During the week commencing Monday 12th June 2017, our school took part in a history week. This involved teaching the children about an historical event for the whole week in the afternoons. The children did a variety of fun activities during this week. Look at the photographs below!


Panther Class Christopher Columbus Freeze Frame drama

Lynx Class Titanic work

Forthcoming Events

History Day

This will take place on Thursday 15th February 2018.

Our History day will involve everyone in school focusing on learning History during that day.

We will be learning about an historical event or celebrating the end of our History topics from that half-term. The children will be taking part in lots of fun activities. Pictures to follow - watch this space!