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At Dalestorth, we follow the ‘Inspire’ scheme for our history planning. History is taught and planned in each teaching team, using the long-term plans below:

We encourage pupils to become historical detectives and explore the past in an exciting and interactive way. In our lessons, we teach the key skills of history, including: chronology of historical events, asking as well as responding to historical questions, building empathy and understanding of people from the past and developing research skills.

Children take part in a variety of activities in history, including handling artefacts and studying photographs, role-play, placing events on timelines and taking part in many historical visits and workshops.


Below is the skills ladder we follow when planning and teaching History:





History Day

On Thursday 15th February 2018, our school took part in a history day. This involved teaching the children about an historical event for the day. The children did a variety of fun activities. Look at the photographs below!


Panthers Class History Day