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Lunchtimes,School Meals & School Dinner Menu

Universal Free Infant School Meals - FS2 - Year 2

 ALL children in FS2, Year 1 and Year 2 are entitled to a free complimentary school meal as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) scheme.  You don't need to fill out any forms, your child can just automatically come to school and have a dinner. No need to make pack-ups

saving you money and time. What’s more, the meals are delicious and our cook Mrs Bennett is fantastic with catering for even the choosiest of little diners. Special dietary needs are also catered for, e.g. wheat intolerance etc.  Just pop into school to discuss any special requirements.


Junior School Meals - Years 3 -6

Once your child is in years 3-6, if they want to continue with school meals, you will need to set up a ‘sQuid’ account. ‘sQuid’ is a cashless payments system. It will provide you with a facility to be able to pay for your child’s school meals online.

Each child will be issued with a registration letter and a guide on how to register a ‘sQuid’ account at

the end of Year 2.

‘sQuid’ offers you various ways to pay: Credit/Debit Card; Bank Transfer; Over the Counter at any

Nat West Bank and PayPoint. Transaction fees are payable for the use of a credit card. A one-off

charge of £1.50 is made to buy a PayPoint card.

Once you have registered a ‘sQuid’ account and topped up by £10 or more your account will be

credited with £2 for a free meal as an incentive from Nott’s County Council Catering Services.

You will be able to view all your transactions including when your child has a meal at school. ‘sQuid’

also provide an Auto Top-Up facility which enables you to select an amount, when your child’s

account falls below this amount ‘sQuid’ will automatically top up their account by £15 or more from

the fund details that you supply. Low balance emails will be sent to you ensuring your child’s account

is always topped up.

The school office will be available with help and support registering your account if you need it.

‘sQuid’ also offer a dedicated customer service of which you can access via your ‘sQuid’ account

under ‘Contact Us’.

To access squid, please click on the link below...

Pupil Premium

If your family receives:

••-Income support

••-Income-based job seekers allowance

••-Support under part VI of the immigration and Asylum Act 1999

••-The guarantee element of state pension credit

••-Child Tax Credit (provided you are not working to tax credit) and have an annual income that does not exceed 16,190 (as assessed by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs)

…..then you can have FREE SCHOOL MEALS until your child/children leave us at the end of YEAR 6

and FREE SCHOOL MILK until the end of YEAR 2.


In addition, this supports school in a big way. If you are someone who receives one of the above benefits, then simply by registering, you are generating Pupil Premium Funding for your child’s school as well as ensuring Free School Meal/Milk for your child. Pupil Premium Funding amounts to 1,300 for each child registered. School has to spend this money on: teaching assistants to support learning, intervention programmes, low cost extra-curricular clubs, new resources and equipment that completely benefit your children.

If you meet the above criteria…To register, please telephone the free school meals

team 01623 433009 or visit


The information you will need to register your child for continued Free School Meals and Pupil Premium is simply:

••-Personal details (including national insurance number and date of birth)

••-Partner’s personal details and child’s details in full including their date of birth and school name.

If your child is eligible for Pupil Premium/meals/milk the start date will normally be within two days of your registration details being verified.

If you have any questions regarding this, then please come and chat to us.

As a school, we really do make this plea…If you think you qualify for Pupil Premium, please, please register. It not only benefits yourself and your own child, but it gives us the bulk of extra funding that we can use to improve the lives and opportunities of your children at school.


Have a look how we use our Pupil Premium money and the impact it has had in the Pupil Premium section of 'Key Information.'


What's on the menu for lunchtime today?

Click below to view the latest menu.  Our School Cook Mrs Bennett is fantastic at knowing what the children like and don't like, so if she changes these menus to fit in with the children's tastes, we will let you know...


Dalestorth School Dinner Menu - Autumn 2017

Slight Amendment to Autumn Menu

Food for Life - Gold Standard

In partnership with our local authority meals provider we have been awarded the gold 'Food for Life' standard for our school meals.

The gold award means a school is a hub of good food culture. School meals are at least 75% freshly prepared, 50% local and 30% organic, and the majority of pupils are choosing to eat school meals. You can see our certificate on the lunchtime section of our website under ‘About us.’


Food For Life certificate

Dinner Organisation

At Dalestorth we eat dinner in the hall and Dining room.  Everyone has their own allocated table to sit at.  We have two dining sittings. 

Sitting 1 is from 12:15-12:40pm.  FS2 (Lions & Tigers) and Year 2 (Panther Class) eat together in the Hall.  Year 4 (Cougar class) and Year 5 (Jaguars) eat together in the Dining Room  Year 6 - Leopards eat in their own class.

Sitting 2 is from 12:50-1:15pm.  Year 1 (Bobcats) and Year 1/2 (Pumas) eat together in the Hall. Year 3/4 (Lynx Class) and Year 3(Wildcats) eat together in the Dining Room.

Children having hot meals and sandwiches eat together.  They are not separated.  We encourage hot meals especially for children in FS2 to Year 2 who get a complimentary Universal Free meal.  Older children are encouraged to be role models and support the younger children and it works very wellSeating arrangements are reviewed and changed termly.  When not eating, there are always lots of games and activities to play on the playground run by our midday supervisors and playground leaders.  If it is wet, the children will watch films indoors or play games in the classroom.


 Food Policy

Below you can read our School Food Policy which gives you more information about School Meals, requirements for Healthy Packed Lunches, milk and fruit and all kinds of other information regarding food in school.


Children having hot meals may be awarded a Golden Ticket for eating up all their dinners, using good table manners and being friendly to those around them.  If awarded a Golden Ticket, you are invited to sit at the 'Golden Table' which we set once every half term.  You can see a picture of this below..

Wherever possible, we encourage children to stay for a hot school meal especially in FS2 and KS1 where it is complimentary.

Children in KS2 that do not get a complimentary school meal and may be more likely to bring a packed lunch are encouraged to bring a healthy 'Food of the month' that is attributed to a colour.  For example, for the month of September, the colour might be red, so children would be encouraged to bring tomatoes or strawberries.  These children collect stickers on a reward card for bringing in that particular food.  Below is a list of the monthly foods...


September - Red: apples, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, peppers

October - Orange: oranges, satsumas, dried apricots, carrots

November - Green: grapes, peas, cucumber, celery, apples, peppers

December -Yellow:peppers, mango, pineapple, houmous,

January - Purple: cherries, blackberries, plums, grapes

February - Brown: raisins, sultanas, brown bread

March - Red: apples, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries, peppers

April - Orange: oranges, satsumas, dried apricots, carrots

May - Green: grapes, peas, cucumber, celery, apples, peppers

June - Yellow: peppers, mango, pineapple, houmous,

July - Purple: cherries, blackberries, plums, grapes


Picture 1

The Golden Table

The Golden Table 1

Dinner Theme Days & Dalestorth Favourite Dinners

 We really enjoy dinners at Dalestorth!! Our kitchen staff led by Mrs Bennett create some fantastic theme days for us. This year we have had a Valentine's dinner and Easter dinner with all the dining room decorated and special menus.  The school council carry out a survey each term to find out 'Dalestorth's Favourite Dinner' and Mrs Bennett also cooks these for us once every half term.

Our Midday Supervisors...

Each class has their own Midday Supervisor to look after them. 

Picture 1 Mrs Vargova - Lions
Picture 2 Mrs Cooke - Tigers
Picture 3 Mrs Sinclair - Bobcats
Picture 4 Miss Percival - Pumas
Picture 5 Ms Fox - Panthers
Picture 6 Mrs Buttery - Lynx
Picture 7 Mrs Bilal - Nursery Lunch Club
Picture 8 Mrs Redfearn - Wildcats
Picture 9 Mrs Bacon - Jaguars
Picture 10 Mrs Hammonds - Leopards
Picture 11 Mrs Atwood - Cougars
Picture 12 Mrs Hunt - Senior Midday Supervisor
Picture 13 Mr Price - Outdoor Supervision
Picture 14 Mrs Cargill - Nursery Lunch Club