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SMSC (Social Moral Spiritual Cultural Education)/British Values/PSHE (Personal Social Health Education)


SMSC, British Values and PSHE run through everything we teach and provide in either a direct or indirect way from lessons to assembly to behaviour, school council and whole school events. For more information on British Values, you can also visit our page on SMSC, British Values and Equality...

We hold special culture days, special weeks – such as ‘Keeping Healthy’, workshops and fundraising events, a variety of daily assemblies, visitors into school including successful past pupils who have gone onto university.  We have our ‘High 5 Manners’, Praise and rewards, behaviour and attendance policies and school and class council sessions all of which contribute to our provision of SMSC, British Values and PSHE.

In addition we also plan specific activities, lessons and assemblies that address SMSC, British Values and PSHE.

For example, we have some specific lessons on developing the central ideas of British Values prior to the delivery of our RE curriculum this year. We are holding class assemblies this year purely to develop and explore the moral aspect of SMSC.

In addition to SMSC and British Values we deliver PSHE.  In PSHE we have to cover the following themes: Citizenship, Staying Safe, E-Safety, Financial Education, Keeping Healthy, Relationships & SRE, Social Emotional & Drug Education.

To help us do this as a whole school every month we have a particular theme focus.

E.g September was Keeping Healthy

Below you can look at the document which gives the yearly overview of all the themes...

Classes have specific weekly PSHE Lessons based around the monthly theme (35-45mins long)

Each theme has particular progressive objectives for each year group.

Click on the document below to see what children should learn at particular ages in each PSHE Theme.