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School Council elections took place on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th September 2016.  The new Council for the year was introduced at Praise Assembly on 16th September.  Here they are below.  Find out all about them and what School Council does.

Dalestorth School Council 2016-2017

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We are Dalestorth School Council.  We are made up of a boy and a girl from each year group in KS2 who have been elected by our class to represent everyone else.  There are also 2 additional members of the council who have been invited on by the Head Teacher. That makes 12 of us in total.  It is our job to give the pupils a voice. We seek the views of the pupils in school and put forward their suggestions.  We enjoy coming up with ideas to make the school a better place. We organise events and activities and work hard at fundraising. We are also responsible for the weekly Praise Assembly and keep our eyes and ears open to reward and mention good behaviour and hard work.  We will keep you up to date with the work we are doing.

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Hi, My name is Emily and I am really excited to be on School Council.  I am in Year 3.  My team mate on School Council is Mikell.


I am Mikell and I like football and boxing.  My best friends include Callum and Lucas.  My favourite food is chicken nuggets and chips.  I play football for Ravenshead.  My new coach is called Justin.  I like playing Minecraft on my Xbox and PS4.  I love going out with my cousins and if we have a spare hour, we go out on our scooters or play on the Wii. My cousin moved house a month ago when his mum and dad got married.  It was the best wedding ever, we got to play football and have free candyfloss, sweets and gum-it was delicious.  I have a hamster called Bolton.


My name is Ryan and I am in Year 3 Lynx class.  I live at home with my mum, Dad and big sister Sophie.  I have a dog called Albert and my friends at school include Lucas and Callum.  I like to play football, my favourite teams are Barcelona and Manchester United.  My Head Teacher says 'Ryan is very popular in his class and always has plenty of good ideas. I am delighted he has joined school council.'


Hello I am Eva and I am really enjoying being on school council.  I have a big sister called Bayleigh an a pet dog called Lexie.  My sister is 14 and my dog is 7.  I am also 7 years old.  My birthday is October 27th.  My favourite foods include chocolate, cake, apples, grapes, diet coke, cheese and salami sticks.  In the garden I like playing on my trampoline or doing flips on my rings.  I enjoy playing on my Ipad and going swimming.  At swimming I can put my whole head under the water.  I like ice-skating lessons.   My Head Teacher says 'Eva is a thoughtful and polite young lady, an excellent choice for School Council.'


Hi my name is Connor.  Thank you to everyone that voted for me to be on School Council. My interests are anything sporty but my passion is football.  I play for a football team called Market Warsop Colts FC in age groups under 10 and 11.  I also love to go and watch Manchester United at their home games.  Me and my dad have season tickets, we sit in the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand.  I love to go places with my family and play with my baby brother Jake on the trampoline.  My Head Teacher says' There is no one who works as hard as Connor even when he finds thing difficult. He never gives in and this is what I truly admire about him.  He is enormously popular in his class and a true representative of British Values at their best.


Hi I’m Kacey.  I am looking forward to being one of your School Council members.  I am always happy to help with any problems you might have and will do my best with all School Council tasks.

I love to dance and perform gymnastics. My favourite food is fish and chips.  My favourite subjects at school are Art and Science.  My Head Teacher says 'Kacey's manners are utterly impeccable, she is fabulous with younger children and ensuring all her fellow students are happy.  She will be a huge asset on school council'.


Hey, I m Louise and I m really excited to be on School Council because you get to do loads of important jobs and help around school.  I think I m going to be great at leading Praise Assembly as I love reading aloud.  My favourite food is leek and potato bake and my favourite colour is red.  I love Maths and Art and I love Gymnastics.

My Head Teacher says 'Louise is very talented and has set herself a goal of becoming an Olympian in gymnastics.  This kind of motivation and dedication is exactly what we need for School Council.'


Benjaman is one of my personal choices to be on school council. If you don't know Benajamn very well,  let me tell you he is a twin. He has a twin sister Olivia who is adorable but very gregarious whilst Benjaman enjoys to stay in the background quietly encouraging his friends. I felt it was time for Benjaman to step into the limelight and develop his confidence.  Benjaman is delighted to be invited onto school council and wants to help in any way he can.

"I love school council and am so excited to be here. If you need any help at all then come and see me. My favourite food is fish and chips.  I have a twin sister called Olivia. I absolutely  love Maths and Art and have a really nice family.  As well as my twin sister, I have a great big brother.  I love school.


Hi, my name is Jake and I am so excited to be on School Council because we get to help school do the right things. My favourite food is pizza and my favourite colour is purple. I have a brother called Callum.  He now goes to Quarrydale Secondary School but he was on Dalestorth School Council for 3 years in a row!! Do you like dogs? I have a pet dog called Bolt. My favourite subjects are Maths and PE.  I hope this year goes well for you.

My Head Teacher says... 'I am delighted to have Jake to follow in his brother's footsteps and be on School Council.  It is lovely to have a family tradition. I have no doubt that Jake as Callum did will do a brilliant job.'


Hi, I’m Asha and one of your Year 6 councillors.  I am very happy to be on School Council as one of Ms Stafford’s chosen representatives.  Some of the things I like to do are playing football, drawing and chatting! Come and speak to me any time you wish.  I am happy to help you.  My Head Teacher says 'I chose Asha because she is a superb role model and incredibly patient and kind.'


I'm the Year 6 boy school councillor.  I love football and support Manchester United.  I also enjoy playing handball.  I will be here whenever you have any questions and I will probably be able to answer them or solve your problems.  If you have any ideas to make school better, please put them in the school council box.  Have a great year everyone!

My Head Teacher says.. 'Charlie has great manners and is thoughtful to other children.  He works hard at absolutely everything and will be a terrific role model for others.'


Hi I’m Ella in Year 6 and am delighted to be in school council this year.  I love hockey, football swimming.  I live with my mum, dad, brother and dog.  My favourite subjects are Art, English and PE.

My Head Teacher says 'Ella told me she applied to be on School Council to help her increase her confidence, which I thought was very brave.  She is already coming up with lots of ideas and working hard.'

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