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At Dalestorth, we teach French as our Modern Foreign Language. Key Stage 2 children receive half an hour of French teaching per week. In Foundation and Key Stage 1, we introduce the children to keywords and phrases in other languages ensure that all children encounter an additional language from an early age. We strive to deliver fun and engaging French lessons that include games, role play, stories, songs and rhymes as well as written French, understanding the language structure and grammar patterns.


Language of the Half Term

Every half term, we have a focus language that reflects the cultures of children within our school. Via a fantastic website, we hear native speakers saying introductory phrases and key words, which we then try to copy with proper pronunciation - sometimes harder than it seems!

Here are our focus languages for this year:

Autumn 1 2016 - Latvian

Autumn 2 2016 - Hindi

Spring 1 2017 - Spanish

Spring 2 2017 - Turkish

Summer 1 2017 - Tagalog

Summer 2 2017 - Italian



Assessment is informal during French lessons, mostly completed through teacher observations of the children doing French activities in order to evaluate what the children have learned and carefully plan their next steps. Children in Key Stage 2 have a modern foreign languages ‘can do’ checklist so they can tick off things they can do as and when they meet each objective. Assessment is split in to four key areas:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Stories, songs and rhymes
  • Reading and writing
  • Grammar


Language Ambassadors

We have 12 language ambassadors in Key Stage 2. They take their role very seriously and enjoy promoting a love of languages throughout Dalestorth. The Language Ambassadors will also be running a lunchtime language club in the Summer Term. If your child is enthusiastic about learning other languages, please encourage them to sign up!



The children in Wildcats, Jaguars and Cougars have been busy lately writing letters to our newly found PenPals at a primary school on Reunion Island! Reunion is a French-speaking island in the Indian ocean, close to Mauritius and Madagascar. We have been learning about the island, which looks like a paradise! We received our first letters from Reunion just before Easter and we were all really excited! We have replied and will hopefully be receiving our second letters very soon!


Upcoming Events

During the Summer term, we will be having a themed week of 'Around the World in Five Days'. During this themed week, we will 'visit' a different country every day, finding out about the traditions and ways of life of the native people. There are tonnes of exciting activities planned for the children during the week. Watch this space for updates and photographs!


The Curriculum

When planning and teaching French, teachers use guidance from the National Curriculum. We also draw upon fantastic resources we have in school, such as the Inspire Curriculum, LCP and Catherine Cheater schemes of work. The National Curriculum guidance for Modern Foreign Languages can be found below.

Meet the Language Ambassadors!

Meet the Language Ambassadors! 1 Elisia
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 2 Jacob
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 3 Stan
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 4 Brodie
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 5 Heidi
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 6 Charlotte
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 7 Bobby
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 8 Jessie
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 9 Emma
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 10 Francesca
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 11 Joseph
Meet the Language Ambassadors! 12 Lily

National Curriculum for MFL