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At Dalestorth we follow the 'Inspire' scheme of work for our Geography planning.  The subject is planned and taught in our year group teams and follows a rolling programme, linked wherever possible to the topic of that half term.


Geography is seen as a key focus for our teaching and learning and is one of our focus subjects this academic year.  We aim to ensure that each child at our school can access a rich and varied Geography curriculum, which, wherever possible will be taught in conjunction with other subjects.  


Each class will do one Geography project per term as a minimum and every academic year we will have a Geography focus week.  Our key skills to be taught are:


The UK and locality

Knowledge of the World

Subject specific vocabulary


One trip a year will also be linked to the Geography curriculum, incorporating either fieldwork or orienteering.


Our Geography Focus Week


Just before we broke up for the summer holiday we held a 'Round the World' week which incorporated a Geography focus alongside Modern Foreign Languages.  The children literally went 'around the world', visiting places such as Brazil, Australia, Poland and China.  Our next focus week is planned for February 2018 - watch this space for more information!

Dalestorth Around the World


A huge thank you to all of you who have sent or brought postcards in from your adventures over the summer.  We have had absolutely loads of cards and it has been great to see what you have been getting up to during the summer holidays.  Families (and staff!) have travelled all over the world from Dubai to South Africa, Spain, Agadir, Portugal, America and to places closer to home including Wales, Cornwall and Northumberland. As you will see our display is still a work in progress with many more cards to show but we already have lots of cards signposting different places around the world and it is looking brilliant.

Our Geography Display

Our Geography Display 1
Useful Documents

Primary National Curriculum Geography Key Stages 1 and 2