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Safety & E-Safety

Safety & Happiness

Your safety and happiness is vital to us at Dalestorth. If there is something wrong, you are upset or worried about anything or you feel unsafe it is very important you talk to someone you trust such as a friend, an adult or a teacher.

If you feel worried about talking to someone you know, you can call ChildLine on 0800 11 11 at anytime you like or in an online chat at


You may also like to use Kooth which offers free, safe and anonymous online counselling and support.


It is really important that everyone (both children and adults) knows how to stay safe online. Using the Internet sensibly is something that we encourage all children to do during their time at Dalestorth.


Safer Internet Day - February 2018


We spent the day looking at ways to ensure that we could all safely enjoy the internet.


In KS1,  we created digital footprints which represented websites and apps we frequently use 


In KS2, we looked at all the different ways we use the internet in our daily lives, for example texting, emailing, social media and choosing suitable apps and websites. We discussed how we could sort any issues if they occur and how we should be a "upstander" rather than a "bystander".









See the notes below to see what the Year 6 children had to say;


What Year 6 have to say about Technology

The positives:

  • There is so much to discover using the world wide web

  • Instagram and imessage are good/free for keeping in touch with our friends ‘Are you going to the park later?’.

  • We can use apps to arrange meeting in the virtual world too.

  • Online gaming is good fun and can be social- 75% are using games online in Y6.

  • Our parents have helped us to be safe online and have set boundaries and filters, in some instances.

  • YouTube is entertaining and a source of new ideas, music and video clips.


The negatives:

  • People swear and useful offensive language.

  • People ‘invite’ other strangers (unknown to Dalestorth) in to games we are playing which have a level of cooperation- this can ruin it and makes us worried as we don’t know these people.

  • People in our class are constantly arguing on Instagram.

  • People in our class can be mean about each other and this keeps going on- online feuds.

  • Even if we leave a conversation we get pulled back in and our phones buzz or signal an invite- we want to be left out of ‘conversations’ but it seems impossible.

  • At times we threaten one another online.


Our E - safety programme will continue throughout the year so that any issues raised are addressed.
Here are links to some useful websites where you can learn more about being safe on the Internet.
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