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We are Dalestorth School Council.  We are made up of a boy and a girl from each year group in Years 2-6 who have been elected by our class to represent everyone else.  There may also be additional members of the council who have been invited on by the Head Teacher.  It is our job to give the pupils a voice. We seek the views of the pupils in school and put forward their suggestions.  We enjoy coming up with ideas to make the school a better place. We organise events and activities and work hard at fundraising. We are also responsible for the weekly Praise Assembly and keep our eyes and ears open to reward and mention good behaviour and hard work.  We will keep you up to date with the work we are doing.

Find out more about us....

Hi my name is Thomas - Year 6

I've always wanted to be on the School Council since day one but I never really had the time. It is a very important job to do the Praise Assembly and read out the Praise leaves. I am so happy that I made it onto the council in my last year at Dalestorth. Here to help you.

Hi my name is Leyla - Year 6

I love playing football. I do basketball and handball at school. I am also good at games and the internet. My favourite animals are, pigs, dogs, cats and also kangaroos. I like to read and my favourite book by David Walliams is The Demon Dentist and I also like George's Marvellous medicine by Roald Dahl.

Hi my name is Lucy-Jo - Year 6

I like to be a School Councillor because I like the meetings and also it makes me more confident. At home I like to read and play on my phone but if it is out of charge, I watch tv and also do some times tables. My favourite colours are, green, blue and grey. I love animals and my favourites are, llamas, racoons, leopards, giraffes and alpacas.

Hi my name is Yu-Qi - Year 5

I am in Jaguars and I like to do the Reading Raffle and High 5 manners badges. My favourite colour is dark green. My favourite food is sausage.

Hi my name is Jack - Year 5

I love the School Council because of all the jobs. I love being helpful. At home i play with dragons. My favourite colours are red and black. In Praise I give out the white badges.

Hi my name is Isla - Year 5

I am happy to be on the School Council because I like to help people and I like bringing ideas into school. I am a polite and helpful girl so I will think about people's ideas without rejecting them straight away. I type up the minutes from the weekly meetings.

Hi my name is Kate - Year 4

I am so glad to be on the School Council because I like to help people and I want to upgrade my confidence. I love dancing because I feel really happy when I do it. My favourite food is pizza. I have always wanted to be on the School Council.

Hi my name is Tyler - Year 4

I think I should be on the School Council because I am responsible for the job and I can make the right decisions for the Council. I will make sensible choices and not silly decisions. I will not let the school down. 

Hi my name is Olivia - Year 3

I want to be on the School Council because I feel brave enough to talk. I like dogs and my favourite colour is lime green.

Hi my name is Oliwier - Year 3

I like running and sports. My favourite colour is orange and my best friend is Max. I like to read Horrid Henry and do maths.

Hi my name is Nancy - Year 2

I am 6 years old and my favourite subjects are English and Maths and I also enjoy R.E. My favourite food is chicken, I also like apples and of course ice cream ! During my spare time I like to play with my friends and my big sister Evie. I have a labrador called Hero and a rabbit called Arwen, she is a mini lion head and very fluffy. My hobbies are swimming and looking after my pets. I am really proud to be on the School Council and I hope I do a great job !

Hi my name is JJ - Year 2

I am 6 years old. I enjoy playing football, running and swimming. I wanted to be on the School Council because I like to help people, want to talk in assembly and I thought I would enjoy it. My favourite colour is red and my favourite foods are cheese, strawberries and ice cream. I like English at school.