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The school has a governing body made up of a chair of governors, a headteacher, a vice chair (who is also the LA governor), two parent governors,  four co-opted governors and a staff governor. Their role is to provide strategic leadership, establish key principles and hold the leadership of the school to account. Their committees set and monitor the budget, monitor health and safety, manage our staff, review pupil performance and special provision, keep the curriculum under review and agree key development priorities.


Please see below our school governors and more information about them. Please also look at our impact statement below which evaluates our work and its impact on standards in school.

Some of the Dalestorth Primary School Governors

The Governing Body of Dalestorth Primary School


Mrs. Jo Wain — Chair of Governors 


Governor Category: Chair of Governors 

Appointed By: The Governing Body

Date joined Governing Body: 18.10.2011

Current term of office: 06.07.2018 — 05.07.2022

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Finance, General Purpose and Personnel 

Area Link: SEND, MFL and Safeguarding. 


"I became a parent Governor at Dalestorth in 2009, and was elected as Chair of Governors in 2015, fulfilling 5 years in the role before retiring and becoming a co-opted governor. I have loved my time on the governing body, and although our son moved on to secondary school in 2016 I have continued as a governor because I really want to ‘give something back’.  I have a busy, full time role in our local NHS and I’m able to use many of the skills I rely on every day, including safeguarding, finance and leadership to enhance by role as a governor.

Dalestorth is a very special place, with amazing staff and fantastic children. Along with the leadership team and my governor colleagues I want to continue to support and contribute to the ongoing success of our school and our children."


Vice Chair of Governors - Mr. Jeremy Czarnocki — Co-opted Governor


Governor Category: Co-opted Governor and Vice Chair

Appointed By: Governing Body

Date joined Governing Body: 01.04.2021

Current term of office: 01.04.2021 - 31.03.2025

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Finance, General Purpose and Personnel (Chair)

Area Link: Geography and History 



"I have been a school governor since 2016.  My principal roles within the Governing body are as Chair of the Finance Committee and the Health & Safety Link Governor.  During this time, it has been a privilege to be part of a school where the aim is to create an environment such that all pupils can flourish regardless of their background.


My decision to become a governor was prompted by the wish to give something back to the community I have lived within for over twenty years.  I am a chartered engineer working within the construction sector.  My intentions from the start have been to use that industry experience to appropriately support, and challenge, the school leadership team to achieve the high standards aspired to by all."



Mrs Leanne Straw — Parent Governor 


Governor Category: Parent 

Appointed By: Parents 

Date joined Governing Body: 14.05.2021 

Current term of office: 14.05.2021 - 13.05.2025

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Strategic Development and Pupils  (Chair)

Area Link: Maths and RE


Mr. Rob Barsby —  Local Authority Governor 


Governor Category: Local Authority 

Appointed By: The Governing Body 

Date joined Governing Body: 2nd November 2016 

Current term of office: 02.11.2020 - 01.11.2024

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Strategic Development and Pupils

Area Link: Science and SMSC


I’ve been a School Governor at Dalestorth since 2012. Originally as a parent Governor and now as a Local Authority Governor. 

I’m passionate about giving all children the best start in life and attending a primary school is a critical time in a child’s development. I want to play my part in ensuring Dalestorth school is the best it can be, so every pupil who attends, also has the chance to be the very best that they can be.


I have a background in Marketing, PR, Communications, Employee Engagement and Culture change and use this knowledge, along with my business experience of working in large organisations to help make sure the school is monitored, developed and run in the right way.


My personal ambition on the Governing Body is to make sure that we all work together as a team with the teaching staff to ensure the pupils receive the very best in teaching and that we create an engaging learning environment. I’ll bring my business knowledge and skills, to help influence this.”



Mrs. Tracey Scott  — Co-opted Governor 


Governor Category: Co-opted 

Appointed By: The Governing Body 

Date joined Governing Body: 01.01.2015

Current term of office: 01.01.2019 — 31.12.2022

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Strategic Development and Pupils

Area Link: Art, PE and Phonics 


"I started working for Dalestorth Primary School almost 20-years ago. During which time, I have seen and experienced significant changes in both the school and my own personal and professional development. 


My Dalestorth journey began when my first-born started school here. I wanted to be truly involved in his education and understand what it was he was learning about to then better support his learning at home. I, therefore, began volunteering in his classes. From this, I have had various positions here, including; being a Senior Midday Supervisor, caring for SEN children, becoming a Teaching Assistant, and developing a career in this role to now being classed as high-level. 


As a Teaching Assistant, I was asked to become a School Governor, which I could not turn down. The reason I wanted to take this role is because I understood the impact I could have on key decisions and changes being made to the school. I have had all three of my children study here and can relate to the importance of positive changes and, therefore, transparency from both a Parent's and an Employee's perspective. I genuinely care about both the children and staff of Dalestorth and therefore wanted an opportunity to be actively involved in the fantastic developments that I have experienced, whilst both being employed here and watching my three, now grown-up, children love their time spent here as students. I am currently the Governor for Foundation Stages 1 and 2, back where my journey began for me, and thoroughly enjoy it. 


I cannot thank this school and the amazing staff here enough for helping to give my children the best possible start to their education. Positively influencing this School's development is within my greatest interests. Not only because of mine and my family's own experiences here, but because I want our future generations to be as successful and as happy as we have been."




Mrs Leanne Aram — Co-opted Governor 


Governor Category: Parent 

Appointed By: Parents 

Date joined Governing Body: 30.03.2022

Current term of office: 30.03.2022 - 30.03.2026

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee: Finance, General Purpose and Personnel

Area Link: Music and EAL


Mr. Christopher Cudworth — Parent Governor 

Governor Category: Parent 

Appointed By: Parents

Date joined Governing Body: 14.05.2021

Current term of office: 14.05.2021 - 13.05.2025

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee:  Strategic Development and Pupils

Link Subjects: DT and English — reading 


Mr. Joseph Lamb  — Staff Governor 


Governor Category: Staff Governor 

Appointed By: Staff

Date joined Governing Body: 25.10.2018

Current term of office: 25.10.2018 — 24.10.2022

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committee:  Strategic Development and Pupils

Area Link: Writing, Computing and  Governor training co-ordinator.  



" For four years, I have worked at Dalestorth and I have enjoyed every minute. As a teacher, I have worked in years 4 and 6, but I have experience across both key stages. As a result of my teaching experience, I have first-hand knowledge of the different requirements and needs of the children and staff at Dalestorth. 


Dalestorth is a special place and I often say it is my second home. I feel very proud to work here and this is due to the amazing staff and children. Our children are kind, caring, beautifully behaved and eager to learn which makes teaching simply a joy. 


Due to my experience, thirst to learn more about school governance and desire to continually improve the school, I took no convincing to become a staff governor. I hope I can share the thoughts and experience of our staff to shape the future of this amazing school and consequently improve the life chances of the children we teach."


Mr. Craig Robertson — Head Teacher


Governor Category: Headteacher 

Appointed By: The Governing Body

Date joined Governing Body: 01.09.2020

Current term of office: N/A

Register of business and financial interests: None 

Committees:  Strategic Development and Pupils and Finance, General Purpose and Personnel

Area Link: All 


'I joined the school in 2020 as an Executive Head 3 days per week. I am now the permanent head from September 2021. In previous schools I have been a governor in different roles. Dalestorth is a great place to work with fantastically motivated children and an engaged community who want to see their children learn in a high quality school. Working as part of the Dalestorth Governing Body has been challenging but also very rewarding. Support and challenge are well balanced and we are on a pathway to success for the school.'




More About Governors Meetings & Roles


School Governors meet for a Full Governing Body Meeting once every term for at least two hours.

All of the members of the Governing body are then split into two teams.  One team looks after the School Budget, Building and Health & Safety - this is the Finance and General Purpose Committee.  The other team looks after the Pupils, Staffing, Teaching & Learning and Curriculum — we call this team the Strategic Development and Pupils Committee. The two different committees meet separately once every term. 


Governors also have responsibility for SEND, Looked after children (LAC), Discipline, Bullying & Behaviour, Equal Opportunities, Staff Appraisal, Health & Safety and a whole lot more.  It is a demanding, but interesting role.  If you would like to know more about it, or would like to come and observe a meeting, just let one of our governors know and we would be happy to accommodate you. 

Governor Attendance 2022 — 2023


A = Absent from meeting 

/ = Present at the meeting 


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Committee Meetings

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