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Welcome to the Governors Blog. Here, you can keep up-to-date with everything we are up to, and the impact that we are having in school.

10th January 2022

Mrs Fryatt's catch up with Mr Robertson

Mrs Fryatt paid a visit to see how the school was settling into the new year. They discussed the impact of Covid, staffing and what the plans are for 2022. The school seems a lovely place to be and the atmosphere is very positive.


8th December 2021

Full Governing Body Meeting

The full governing body met and elected Mr Czarnocki as the new Vice Chair. They also discussed the school's financial situation, appraisals, safeguarding and how we are preparing for Ofsted. We will meet again in March 2022.


25th November 2021

Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Miss Nicholls

Mrs Fryatt talked to Miss Nicholls about how computing is taught within the school. They looked at the equipment that is available and her plans for the subject over the next year.


Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Mrs Heathcote

Mrs Heathcote told Mrs Fryatt all about how PE is taught at Dalestorth. They looked at the current PE curriculum and how different activities are being worked into all areas of the school day. They walked around the playground at lunch time and saw how sports leaders were conducting different games and sports for the children to take part in and witnessed how the new running track is helping the children complete the Daily Mile challenge.


Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Mrs Howe
Mrs Fryatt looked at the subject of music in the school. They talked about the outside providers who are giving the children specialist music lessons in different instruments, and the other ways in which we can teach the children about music.



24th November 2021

Mrs Wain's monitoring meeting with Mrs Plumb and Mrs Kennedy

Mrs Wain met with the teachers looking after SEND children within the school. This covered the SEND development plan, the current provision and the training of a SENCO deputy whilst Mrs Plumb is on maternity leave.


Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Mr Robertson

Mrs Fryatt discussed the Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) with Mr Robertson, including how much we receive and how it is being spent. They also looked at the School Improvement Plan to see what the school will be working towards this year and why.

Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Miss Radford

Mrs Fryatt met with Miss Radford to find out more about attendance levels in the school. She found out what our attendance percentage is and how we can support families to make sure our attendance is as good as possible.


Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Mrs Redfern

Mrs Fryatt discussed EAL children with Mrs Redfern. They looked at how many EAL children are currently in school, how many different languages are spoken and how they can best be supported through all age groups. EAL children are making great progress and are a fantastic part of the school community.


18th November 2021

Mrs Fryatt attended a Chair's networking session

This gave Mrs Fryatt the chance to meet other Chair's in the local area, exchange ideas and find other ways to support our school.


16th November 2021

Mr Lamb's monitoring meeting with Miss Radford

Mr Lamb looked at the subject of RE with Miss Radford. They discussed the new RE syllabus and the progression of the subject as a whole. There are some really exciting plans and it is lovely to see how the subject is embraced throughout the school.


Mr Lamb's monitoring meeting with Mrs Claxton

Mr Lamb discussed Writing with Mrs Claxton. They talked about an interventions that are in place and how successful they have been and how the writing curriculum has been broadened within the school. This looks to be very successful and results are already being seen.


11th November 2021

Mrs Fryatt's monitoring meeting with Mr Thorne
Mrs Fryatt had a chat with Mr Thorne about the School Council and the big plans that they have for this year. They also looked at behaviour within the school and wellbeing. This was an incredibly positive meeting and really showed how fantastic the children at Dalestorth are and the high standards that they continue to maintain.


11th November 2021
Mrs Fryatt enjoys the school tour

Mrs Fryatt came into school today for a tour with two of new School Ambassadors, Alexander and Maryam. They were incredibly thorough and had a great knowledge of everything going on in school. A fantastic time was had by all!

10th November 2021
Finance Committee meeting

The Finance Committee met to discuss all things budget and finance related. This included looking at the current school budget, pay recommendations, appraisals and health and safety. We also got to hear about all of the fantastic work that the PTA have been doing and saw how successful the fundraising in school has been. The meeting was chaired by Mr Czarnocki.


9th November 2021
Mr Barsby's monitoring meeting with Mr Thorne

Mr Barsby met with Mr Thorne to find out more about PSHE and Wellbeing within Dalestorth. He looked at how the PSHE curriculum is taking shape and what the goals for this year are. They also discussed the wellbeing of everyone within the school.


1st November 2021
Ofsted Training

The remaining members of the governing body also attended an Ofsted training course. This was conducted by the Local Authority through Zoom and was a really helpful way to prepare for any visit that we might have. We all felt that this was incredibly valuable.


13th October 2021
Pupils & Strategic Development Committee Meeting
Governors met to discuss safeguarding, attendance, behaviour and plans for the school and approved a raft of new policies. The meeting was chaired by Mrs Fryatt.


6th October 2021
Ofsted Training
A selection of governors took part in some specialist online training about Ofsted visits and what the inspectors will be looking for. This was something the the Local Authority had put together and gave us plenty to think about. We now have a clearer idea of what to look at within the school and what questions we might be asked.


30th September 2021
Head Teacher Meeting

Mrs Fryatt met Mr Roberston to look at how the new school year has started off. Things look really good and the children have all settled in beautifully. They also looked at the new School Improvement Plan which outlines what the school does and looks at what the school needs to work on next.


3rd September 2021
Head Teacher Meeting

Mrs Fryatt popped in to see Mr Roberston and find out more about his plans for the new school year. We have exciting times ahead.