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Visiting New Places

On June 19th 5 long serving members of the Eco club and Mrs Redfern had the opportunity  to visit the National Memorial Arboretum in Burton on Trent.

We went with the New Cross Community  Links Group, along with three retired members of the Royal Green Jackets and some children and staff from Mapplewells school.

Whilst we were there we explored the grounds and learnt about why we have poppies to help us remember  people who have served in any of the armed forces.


We climbed to the top of the main memorial and visited the memorial for the Royal Green Jackets. We had a ride all round the 150 acres  on a land train and learnt  about the history of the arboretum and some of the memorials. We explored the sensory gardens with lots to smell and touch , grown so that people who have been blinded by conflict can explore and remember too.

We had a really special time, made new friends and learnt lots of things on our visit.

Thank you Darron and the people from New Cross Community Group for inviting us and looking after us so well.


Here are some photos of  The National Memorial Arboretum



Summer 2


 We have had an exciting time over the last few weeks. The poppy seeds we scatted grew and flowered! They have now gone to seed ready to grow again next year. We have harvested strawberries and enjoyed eating them too. Some teachers were able to taste them and one parent commented on how beautiful they were. Just how strawberries should look like.Mr Price has been busy developing a wild life area, he has made some secret paths for us to wander around and the other grass has been left to grow wild. We have already spotted lots of new flowers growing and we have loved exploring it most weeks. We now have some bird feeders too, we just need to remember to keep filling them. We have spotted lots of apples and damsons growing, Mrs Redfern is really excited as she is imagining making apple crumble and also damson jam... to share of course.

 The children have spent a lot of time litter picking, deadheading the flowers and watering the raised beds. There are even some children who love to sweep up in the court yard. We have shared the care of the guinea pigs with Mrs Claxton again a job we love doing. 

Below are a few photos of the poppy seed scattering. Sadly they flowered and went to seed before Mrs Redfern could photograph them at their best.




Spring 2

Spring is here, honest!

We are busy watering the tubs as the daffodils begin to grow. The guinea pigs are also enjoying a run around on the grass as there is some warmth in the sun.

One of the great things for the second half of this term has been Fairtrade Fortnight. Not strictly ECO club but some of the team past and present helped out. Many Fairtrade products are organic or recycled so they are helping to look after the environment. Below are some pictures from the Big Brew we held and also some of the doors in school that have been decorated to encourage the children to Open the Door to Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Eco-Council What's happened so far Spring 1 2018!

Eco-Council have started meeting again on Tuesdays after school. In the last half term we have tidied up one of the willow structures, done lots of litter picking and have investigated ways of saving fuel and attracting wildlife.

We will hopefully implement some of these ideas when we join up with the science club later on in the year. We are looking forward to planting things and watching them grow in the new wildlife area.


This half term we have taken over the cleaning out of the guinea pigs, much to the delight of the Eco-Council members. We are continuing with keeping the school grounds tidy and also we will be monitoring the plants as they 'spring' into life. This is a really exciting new term as we see lots of new things growing and in a few weeks they will be bursting back into life!


We always welcome help from other adults and if you have any plants to spare we would happily use them in the quad and nursery raised beds.


New life! Our raised beds already showing signs of new growth


We have helped the Nursery children by tidying their bug house. When we were doing it we found slugs, snails, spiders and their nests, woodlice and holes from bugs that had enjoyed chewing their way through.

Hopefully to bugs will be happy in their clean and tidy home. There are lots of nooks and crannies to hide in and places to make nests.

Mrs Redfern was excited to find the little creatures living there, its not always easy to see them when the children are out playing!