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Clubs on offer At Dalestorth Primary


Breakfast Club

Open Daily from 7:45am for all pupils serving juice, milk, cereal and toast.  A variety of games and activities take place during Breakfast Club to awaken young minds. Cost is £3 per day, Friday is FREE if attended all week!  Children must join breakfast club by 8:15am - this will be the last admittance time.


Homework Club

For children in years 3 to 6. Thursday evenings 3:20pm to 4:30pm. These sessions provide a calm and peaceful atmosphere with support for the children to complete homework tasks and/or discuss any problems they may have with class work.


Adult Led Activity Clubs - A variety of clubs run by both staff members and outside providers are offered throughout the year every day of the week from 3:20pm till 4:30pm. A list will be sent out informing children what clubs are available each half term, how much these cost and how long the club will run for. 


Below is a list of the Activity clubs that have been on offer so far this year....  They have been very popular!


Indoor Athletics - Years 3-6                          Cookery - Years 5 & 6                Drama - Years 3-6

Games Club - Years 5 & 6                               Dance - Year 3 & 4                      Lego - FS2-KS1

Cross Stitch - Years 5 & 6                             Recorder Club - Years 3-6           Netball - Years 3-6

Choir -Years 3-6                                            Indoor Sports - Years 5 & 6       Messy Play - Years 1 & 2

Art - Years 3-6                                             Gymnastics - Years 3-6                ECO Club - KS2

Reading - Years 3-6                                      Board Games - Years 3-6              Judo - KS1 & KS2

Football - Years 3 & 4                                   Football - Years 5 & 6                  Fencing - KS1 & KS2

Tag Rugby - Years 5 & 6                                Science - Years 3-6                     Cross Country - KS2

Table Tennis - Years 3-6                               Pottery - Years 3-6

Abacus Games - Years 1 & 2                           Aerobics - Years 3-6


Current Activity Clubs on offer

We will be finishing this half term's clubs this week. We have been enjoying Fencing, Judo, Basketball, Cross Country amongst others. Look below to see what we are offering next half term..... These clubs will commence the week beginning Monday 5th November and will run up to and including the week beginning Monday 10th December...





Lead Supervisor



KS1 Games Club



Miss Radford

Mrs Bennett



Football - Years 4,5 and 6

Miss Lebeter




Mrs Claxton

Mrs Curran



ECO Club – Years 3-6

Mrs Redfern



Judo – Years 1-6

Outside provider

Cost - £12

Thursday 3:30-4:30 Football Outside provider

Having Fun at Lego Club

Having Fun at Lego Club 1
Having Fun at Lego Club 2
Having Fun at Lego Club 3
Having Fun at Lego Club 4
Having Fun at Lego Club 5
Having Fun at Lego Club 6
Having Fun at Lego Club 7
Having Fun at Lego Club 8
Having Fun at Lego Club 9
Having Fun at Lego Club 10
Having Fun at Lego Club 11