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Working in a collaboration

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Our three Sutton-In-Ashfield schools are proud to be working together in collaboration: sharing experience, expertise, supporting one another and improving children’s learning opportunities in our shared home community.


The aims and purpose of the collaboration are to:




Through collective endeavour we will..

  1. Improve the outcomes and life chances for all our community
  2. Ensure quality and rigour in teaching and learning
  3. Promote equality, shared values and shared ethos across the collaboration
  4. Strategically develop all staff and governors across the collaboration
  5. Create opportunities for financial and management efficiencies



1. Improve the outcomes and life chances for all our community

  • Provide shared opportunities for children to broaden their life experience and increase aspiration
  • Jointly support families to improve the outcomes and life chances for their children.


2. Ensure quality and rigour in teaching and learning                                                           

  • Further develop teaching and learning to ensure it is consistently good or better
  • Spotlight joint areas of identified need in order to upskill all staff

  • Strategically support senior leaders in teaching and learning through a robust quality assurance programme                                                                                                         

Enable a pedagogy that finds a way through for every learner                                           


3. Ensure quality and rigour in teaching and learning 

  • Create an inclusive culture of trust, partnership and listening

  • Address the East Midlands Challenge so that gaps close:

* White British boys


* FSM / PP

* Deprivation / poverty

  • Strengthen the aspects of accessibility for SEND pupils


4. Strategic development of all staff and governors

  • Provide appropriate and effective CPD and support networks for

* Senior leaders

* Subject /aspect leaders (eg. PP, SEND, safeguarding, SMSC, British Values)

* NQTs / RQTs

* Teaching Assistants

* Business / office managers

* Senior middays

* Governors (in holding the school to account and posing challenging questions)

* Attendance officers

* Behaviour for learning leads


5. Create opportunities for financial and management efficiencies

  • Increase efficiency & reduce costs (eg. Services for Schools, supplies, training etc.)

  • Ensure financial accountability (eg. Pupil Premium, Sports Premium, SEND spending etc.)



Although a relatively new Collaboration, we have already achieved the following:


  • Maths focussed training for all three schools on reasoning

  • Maths project in year groups across all three schools to improve a particular area of mathematics

  • Writing – looking at writing standards across all three schools – what does an ARE child look like at the beginning of the year, middle of the year and end of the year? Joint portfolio of work set up to be used for moderation and standardisation.

  • A standardisation writing piece was undertaken in three schools to use for moderation.

  • Moderation sessions took place across all three schools

  • Shared INSET Day on Autism Training


As a Collaboration we will have a shared strategic action plan each year.


This will not only provide high quality CPD for all staff, but will ensure continuous improvement in learning with the aim of continuously raising standards and will provide school to school support.


This year we are working on the following aspects to improve Teaching & Learning:


  • Re-visiting lesson objectives and success criteria, reflecting on how this can focus teaching and support the children in their learning. Shared staff meeting for all three schools to then be followed up by implementing improvements. 3 way book scrutiny to monitor impact.


  • -Lesson Design, use of other adults and learning breaks. Shared staff meeting for all three schools. Implement improvements. 3 way planning scrutiny/learning walks to look at lesson design in practice. Share good examples across collaboration.


  • -Improving Challenge - Shared Staff Meeting for all three schools around ways we can ensure Challenge in lessons. Staff to try out different techniques.

Follow up - Opportunity to share evidence of development(s) that has made a difference to children

Video? Report? Presentation? Work examples?


Follow up Meeting in year groups (schools), discuss classroom developments from the last staff meeting and the things staff have been trying out regarding Challenge. Each staff member to decide on a particular focus to work on regarding challenge. Decide on type of evidence to share with others on how this area of focus has improved challenge. Video footage, written evidence.

Evaluate progress/impact and discuss next steps. Have some been more successful than others? Set up further opportunity to share strengths and good practice


  • Marking, Feedback & AFL – Shared Staff Meeting at Dalestorth for all three schools on Marking and Feedback. Individual schools/collaboration to then decide on next steps and how we can best support one another. Shared Practice? Marking & Feedback scrutiny to look for best practice. Share across the collaboration.


  • Other possible aspects of work: To negotiate a deal for all three schools to move onto Scholar Pack rather than the Sims admin system. Presentation held at Healdswood pointed out the advantages for all three schools, shared sporting events/clubs, having some shared policies, safeguarding audits for one another? Shared family support worker? Midday training?


You can see the plan in more detail by clicking on the link below and this will be updated and added to throughout the year.


Collaboration Action Plan

Dalestorth Primary & Nursery School is proud to be part of the Ashfield Collaboration along with Forest Glade Primary School and Healdswood Nursery & Infant School.


We would like a great name, strap line and logo for our collaboration, so if you have any ideas please suggest these to school.