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Our School Improvement Priorities

Every year a school writes a development plan for what they need to work on and improve for the coming year.  Prior to writing the plan, (we write ours in July ready to implement throughout the new school year beginning in September) we carry out lots of evaluation and reflection on what our strengths and areas of development are.  Our points for development or enhancement then make up the Development or Improvement Plan.


Our Improvement Plan is written under five sections:


1. Outcomes for Pupils

2. Teaching, Learning & Assessment

3. Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

4. Leadership & Management

5. Early Years


Each section will then have some objectives to achieve.


In addition we then have a Development Plan for Curriculum Areas. other areas we want to develop and the school building & grounds.  Our Priority Curriculum areas last year were: Computing, History, Geography, Art, Technology and Foreign languages. Our Priority Curriculum areas this year are: Music & Geography. 

The subjects of: English, Maths, Science & PE also always have their own action plans.


We have to use our school budget very carefully in order to be able to implement the plan.


Below you can access a document that gives a brief overview of our School Development Plan for last year.  The plan for this coming year will be put on as soon as it is finalised. The full plan is kept in school.

Our Priority areas for School Improvement - A brief overview of our Development Plan for this academic year.