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Eco-Club Up and Running 2017/18!

We have had a great start to the new term and school year, the club members for the first half term have planted some new plants in the quad and have worked hard to keep it tidy. They have also had great fun beginning to tidy up the willow den and arch. Mrs Redfern is trying to root some of the off cuts so that we can plant some in Nursery or another part of school. We have also looked at some things we can do to encourage the wild life in the area, and Mrs Redfern is hoping to introduce and make some of these next  half term when the weather may make going out a little more tricky.


We would love to be able to grow some fruit bushes in the quad so that children can pick and eat the fruit. We would especially like to grow raspberries to go with our strawberry plants. We would also like to grow currents or blue berries. If you have any fruit bushes that you would be happy to donate drop them off at Reception or nursery and we can have fun planting, growing and eating them.


We  have new members each half-term and continue to look after the school grounds and further 'green' our school. By welcoming new wildlife and looking after the school environment.


Look out for updates on the Website and noticeboard. If you wish to lend Mrs Redfern  a hand all adult helpers would be warmly welcomed. The club will run after school on Tuesdays after half term up to Christmas then we will be back to Mondays.


Vote Now to Choose the Pair of Pigs to become Dalestorth's Guineas


Children will over the next week vote for their choice of pigs pairs- with ginger & brown vs patch & white.


We cannot keep all four as two are male and two are female. Which pair are male/female is a closely guarded secret- all will be revealed after the votes have been counted.


See the pictures below for an idea of how cute these beauties are. Eco-Club and the children of Dalestorth will then look after the chosen pair. The other two will be heading for a new life with Chair of Governors Mrs Wain.

Look at our growing guinea pigs!

Look at our growing guinea pigs! 1
Look at our growing guinea pigs! 2

We have had the guinea pigs for nearly a year now and they have grown in to two beautiful animals, also with Lucky our rescue guinea pig. They are loving life living in the quad and although the Eco club no longer care for them directly they love spending time with them when they can.



Look out for new pictures of our guinea pigs and the quad!


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